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Thought on vaccinated vs unvaccinated children

Posted Mar 13 2009 3:16pm 1 Comment

This is another "out of the mouths of patients" anecdote.

Some people who strongly believe in vaccinating all children feel that they do not want their children around other children who have not been vaccinated because of the "germs" they may be carrying.

One of my patients made an excellent point:

"If you believe so strongly in the vaccinations you have had for your children, then why does it matter that my children are not vaccinated?"


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It's not the vaccinated children that are the concern, but those who have compromised immune systems like newborns and pregnant women. They are more susceptible when exposed and get more complications from these vaccine-preventable diseases. If unvaccinated children get infected, they could easily affect these groups if they come into contact with them.

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