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Third Hand Smoke

Posted Feb 23 2009 9:43pm

The smoky plot thickens

Some new research has shown that by smoking, you`re not just harming yourself anymore -- it`s been shown that children are harmed by this as well. Even if you smoke outside your home.

It`s called third-hand smoke and the news is not good.

Hair and clothing carry the toxins

Researchers have found that the contamination/toxins from tobacco smoke lingers long after the cigarette has been put out. The toxins get into the hair and clothing of a smoker (or anyone who is around cigarette smoke) and when that person comes into contact with anyone, that person is exposed to those toxins.

Two hundred and fify strong

These toxins (collectively called particulate matter ) have been proven to be toxic and there are 250 of them. 250 toxins! What`s worse is that 11 of them have been shown to be Class I carcinogens -- the most dangerous level of cancer-causing chemicals.

Do it for the kids!

Third-hand smoke has been associated with cognitive (definition: the process of knowing and, more precisely, the process of being aware, knowing, thinking, learning and judging) deficits and lower reading scores in kids.

Do it for your loved ones!

Even if you are not around kids, everyone you come into contact with is being exposed to these hazardous toxins.

Do it for yourself!

On a slightly different note: smoking and cigarettes are not your friend.  Just like many people who overeat feel that food is their friend, many smokers feel that cigarettes are their friend. But they aren`t.

More ways to quit smoking than to skin a cat

If you find you cannot quit on your own, there is no shame in getting help. There are prescription drugs from your doctor for quitting smoking, acupuncture, hypnosis.

Stigma, schmigma

And perhaps psychotherapy is appropriate as well. Although there is still a social stigma that only `crazy`people go to psychotherapy, there`s actually a big joke here: Some of the most balanced, most accomplished people in society go to psychotherapy -- they just don`t tell everyone about it. So by hanging on to these out-dated views about therapy, you`re actually really missing out.


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