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Posted Jul 22 2008 8:24pm
Is there a natural cure for cancer? Read and find out!

The most dreaded words I never wanted to hear " Your husband has cancer!"

It's been two years ago now, but I can remember it like it was yesterday. We got the news that my beloved husband of 32 years had cancer and that it had spread to his lungs. Now, for those of you who don't know, this is considered "Stage IV" cancer - the most serious and life-threatening. Now that's like taking a big punch to the gut! Not only was this news going to affect our lives - but those of our nine kids! yes, I did say nine! After raising our first two, we began doing foster care and fell in love with and adopted seven more precious girls and boys. So, all in all we have six girls and three boys!

I became determined to give my "all" to fight for my husband's life! I've spent countless hours on the internet researching natural cures for cancer. If you or a somebody you love has cancer, you don't have to rely on just chemotherapy or radiation. There are a lot of people getting help beating their cancer with alternative medicine and diet! There is a lot of information I'd like to share with you that I have found particularly helpful.

Most helpful websites: to get a TON of information from a well- known cancer researcher.

It covers basics anyone concerned about cancer everyone concerned should know. Also, specifics on what treatments are available for each stage of cancer and how to find them. The author of this website has a lot of credibility in the alternative health care world. Not only that but he was kind enough to answer many questions I had through email. If you or a loved one has cancer I strongly urge you to check it out. a research organization has put together an extremely comprehensive site about alternative cancer treatments. There are success stories that will inspire you. Lists lots of resources. I particularly like the very active and helpful forum. You could spend a lot of time here!

This page is for informational purposes only and not medical advice. It should not take the place of regular visits or treatments with you physician
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