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The True Cause of Heart Disease – Part Two

Posted Jul 21 2010 9:42am
By Ian Robinson 07/21/2010

Dr. Dwight Lundell is on the front line fighting a health war. His mission is to find a cure for heart disease. And he believes he has done just that.

He didn’t discover that cure overnight. It took 25 years of observation as a cardiac surgeon and over 5,000 heart surgeries to convince him of his findings. He dedicated his career to researching the most comprehensive studies and conducting his own cutting-edge research to find the truth.

In the second part of our exclusive interview with him , he reveals the truth behind heart disease. And even better… offers four critical steps to improve your heart health.

THB: Welcome back Dr. Lundell. Last week we talked a lot about inflammation. Can you please explain how inflammation is the real cause of heart disease?

Dr. Lundell: Inflammation is the real cause of heart disease because cholesterol would never be retained in the wall of the blood vessel and start causing plaque unless it was consumed by activated white blood cells. 

The white blood cells recognize it as an invader because it was either oxidized or changed by having a sugar molecule attached.  The biological and biochemical mechanisms demonstrating this have been well established.

THB: Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of all this. What is the connection between inflammation, obesity, and heart disease?

Dr. Lundell: To understand the connection between inflammation, obesity, heart disease and degenerative neurological disorders, and to prevent or reverse these conditions, we need to look at the factors that commonly cause chronic inflammation.

Chronic inflammation is our body’s response to chronic injuries, that is, small injuries that occur repeatedly and prevent healing from proceeding.

There’s no doubt that we live in a complicated environment with many chemicals and toxins that can injure us on a daily basis.  Some of these can be prevented and some cannot because we must live in our environment.

THB: What are the most common factors that damage heart health? And how can we prevent them?

Dr. Lundell: The four most common things that injure us repeatedly and can be changed easily are:

1) The excess consumption of simple carbohydrates and refined grains.

Every time we consume that delicious sweet roll loaded with sugar and flour we raise our blood sugar.  Every time we raise our blood sugar to high we injure the delicate lining of our blood vessels.  There is no more obvious or sad proof of this than to look at the patient who has type II diabetes that lose kidneys, vision, and limbs and die prematurely of heart disease.

2) The excess consumption of vegetable oils which contain large amounts of omega 6 free fatty acids.  We have been advised to avoid all animal fats and consume instead the supposedly healthy polyunsaturated fats from soybeans and corn.  We do need some omega 6, but unfortunately we are getting as much as 20-25 times more in our diets. These fatty acids are metabolized into chemicals that cause chronic inflammation

3) Deficiency in omega 3 three fatty acids from fish. Omega 3 is a very powerful natural anti inflammatory agent documented in extensive medical literature to reduce sudden death from heart attack; stabilize vulnerable plaque; and prevent and reduce Alzheimer’s disease and other neurological conditions.  Some 80% of the population of the United States is deficient in omega 3 because we do not eat enough fish or take fish oil supplements.

4) Oxidative stress.  This simply means the presence of more free radicals than antioxidants.  Oxidative stress has been clearly demonstrated to be detrimental to human health and is associated with multiple degenerative diseases, especially those of the brain and nerves, and is definitely associated with heart disease.

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THB: How can we stop and reverse inflammation?

Dr. Lundell: To stop and reverse inflammation, we need to change our diets as mentioned above.  Increase our consumption of antioxidants especially those from colorful plants.  Protein is another critical building block that allows us to make our own antioxidants.

Coffee is the largest single source of antioxidants in the American diet. Since we drink so much of it, a high quality organic coffee such as Asantae Java, which has more antioxidants than any other, is a great choice.

We continually hurt ourselves by consuming added sugar and refined sugars in chips, cookies, baked goods, and other seemingly irresistible snacks we all seem to love. 

Avoid vegetable oils as much as possible especially those that are hydrogenated.  Recent Meta-analysis clearly demonstrates in very large studies that consumption of dietary cholesterol and saturated fats have no relationship to heart disease.

In Chapter 7 of my book, The Great Cholesterol Lie, there’s a list of essential nutrients and vitamins that work synergistically to combat inflammation.  Be sure to get pharmaceutical quality either locally or online. I created a product called HeartShot marketed by Asantae that is a once-daily drink containing all the items listed in the chapter with increased Vitamin D.  

THB: Do you have any final words of wisdom to share with our readers?

Dr. Lundell: This is a war, a battle of inflammation inside our bodies.  It’s a battle zone in our current culture and it’s a war of information that is fought by challenging incorrect philosophies that have made heart disease a terrible epidemic - one that should not exist in the first place.

There’s a cure for heart disease, but let me be clear: I cannot cure heart disease. Only you can. Anyone and everyone who follows the recommendations in my book will be able to save more lives than I ever could as a heart surgeon.

About Dr. Lundell: Dr. Dwight Lundell is the former Chief of Staff and Chief of Surgery at Banner Heart Hospital in Mesa, AZ. He is the founder of Healthy Humans Foundation and Chief Medical Advisor for Asantae. In 2003, Dr. Lundell made the most difficult decision of his 25 year surgical career. As traditional medicine continued to chase the cholesterol theory of heart disease, Dr. Lundell closed his surgical practice. He then devoted the rest of his life to speaking the truth that inflammation causes heart disease. By lowering inflammation, heart disease has a cure.

Dr. Lundell is the author of the world-wide bestselling book, The Great Cholesterol Lie. This book offers a revealing look at heart disease and the faulty theories of low-fat diets and cholesterol. He also reveals his clinically-tested recommendations for lowering inflammation that can prevent and reverse heart disease. Click here now to learn more .

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To your health,

Ian Robinson,
Managing Editor, Total Health Breakthroughs

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