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The Secret in Citrus or Tangerine…

Posted Feb 19 2010 8:31am

Translated from original blog post at

Citrus 柑橘 GanJu has a scientific name of Citrus reticulata Banco. It has many variety with different names, such as lemon, orange, pomelo, lime, tangerine, and so on.

Here, I would like to talk more about tangerine, or also known as mandarin, mandarin orange or mandarine.

Each year, during the seasons of autumn and winter is also the harvest season of mandarin orange. Mandarin orange is rich in fruitage. It is good in all aspects including colour, aroma and taste. The sweet and sour taste of mandarin orange is that delicious until cannot eating it. Often, people get discomfort and sick after eating too much of mandarin oranges.
Why so?
Let us reveal the secret…
Mandarin orange is a type of tropical and subtropical evergreen fruit. It is just like any medicine, each kind of or thing has its own properties and tastes. Properties include of cold, hot, warm and cool; while tastes include of five tastes i.e. sour, sweet, bitter, pungent, and salty. Mandarin orange tastes sweet but hot in properties. Therefore, overeating of mandarin orange will often accumulate at stomach and intestine, causing gastrointestinal indigestion. This will trigger dampness-heat sickness, such as diarrhea, pulpy stool, excessive phlegm and so on.
Then, how do we have the gourmet’s luck of eating mandarin orange, and satisfying our appetites but at the same time not harming our bodies? Let me tell you one of the most simple and most effective way — i.e. do not peel off too clean when eating mandarin oranges or tangerines. Eat the mandarin orange together with tangerine pith, i.e. the albedo art and the rind part. Then, that problem is solved.
Perhaps you may ask, “Why it so?”
Everything in nature are in mutual generation and mutual restraint that form a balanced entirety. While each individual itself in nature is also a balanced entirety. Various parts among each individual are being in mutual generation and mutual restriction. Each other are mutually generated and constraint. In terms of tangerine, the fruit are hot and damp in properties. While its skin is bitter and warm in properties. This is the dry tangerine peel of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Dry tangerine skin, especially the tangerine pith has the functions of regulating the vital energy flow and removing  obstruction toit; invigorating spleen; and removing dampness to reduce phlegm. It is major in treating fullness of chest and gastral cavity; less in eating but still vomit and diarrhea; coughing, excessive phlegm and other illnesses.
Therefore, theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine are from nature, and are applicable to human bodies and nature. It is in people daily use but without knowing about it only.
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