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The Right Makeup for Asians

Posted Feb 12 2010 4:36pm

While some women can just walk down the makeup aisle at their favorite discount storeor visit the cosmetics department and choose makeup without much consideration – and then look good wearing it – not all women are quite so easily adaptable to the products that are available. This is true for Asian women as well. A great deal of care and consideration must be given when choosing the right makeup for Asians.

Foundation Makeup for Asian Skin Tones

Just as all other women doAsian women must match the foundation to their natural skin tone. Otherwisethe makeup makes you look ‘made up.’ The objective of makeup is to enhance featuresnot to hide them or to distort themalthough too oftenthis is why makeup is used.

Asian women tend to have yellow toned skin. Some have a more olive tone. Not all Asian women have the same shades of these skin toneshoweverand fortunatelymore makeup manufacturers are starting to realize this. Againchoose either a yellow or olive toned foundation that most closely matches your natural skin tone.

Eye Makeup for Asians

Because Asians tend to have hooded eyeswhich tend to make the eyes appear to be very smallit is important to use eyeliner on the top and bottom of the eyealong the outer portion of the lid – not all the way across. It is also a good idea to use color all over the upper lidalmost to the brow bone. Brown shades work the best for Asians because of the skin tonebut you should have a lighter color on the top of the lidand a darker color on the bottom of the lid for the best results.

Light mascara looks better – and more natural – than heavier mascara for Asians. You might consider just touching the tips of the lashes with the mascara wandinstead of applying the product with strokes.

Blush Choices for Asians

While blush choices are unlimitedonly a few colors work well for Asians. Blush that has an orange or peach tone to it will usually look the best with an Asian skin tone. Howeverit isn’t necessarily the shade of the blush that you need to be concerned with as an Asian. It is the application of the blush that matters the most. Asians should apply the blush either directly to the apple of the cheekor on the cheekbonemoving out towards the temple. Play with different applications of blush until you are satisfied with the result.

Finallyfor your lipsuse neutral colors more than other colorsas these are the colors that will work best with your skin tone. Lip liner should also be usedand the liner should be just a shade darker than the lipstick.

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