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The Osteopath Chronicles - Visits Two and Three

Posted Mar 13 2009 3:16pm

My second visit with the osteopath was good -- she worked a ton on the "fluids" in my sacral area. The fluids is the stuff that often gets damaged and is usually out of balance when chiropractic treatments don't hold well.

This was the bulk of the appointment and afterwards my low back and sacral area felt a lot looser and hurt much less during the week.

She didn't touch my neck, although I wish she would've because it's really tight and uncomfortable, even after my massage.


I was unsure of my schedule this week, so I didn't call and book with Sam in advance and he got all booked up. So no massage for me.


My third appointment was the day of this writing.

I told her about my neck and she worked on it for about 40 minutes. On the fluids. Apparently there is a lot going on there -- Sam said the same thing.

She also worked on the area of lymphatic drainage from my lower body/legs. Apparently the lymphatic drainage points were "crunchy" versus flowing smoothly. If your lymphatics from any area don't drain properly you will have swelling in that area. Swelling in the lower legs from improper drainage usually goes down overnight and then increases as the day goes on.

There are lots of herbs for lymphatic drainage and cleanses, but if things are not right from a structural point of view, nothing is going to work well. It will also be a losing battle in the long run; your structure doesn't improve as you get older for no reason.

My next appointment is for one month. Apparently the work she did on the fluids and lymphatic drainage takes a while to really settle in. She said it was like giving the body "information" and that my body will keep shifting a little bit at a time for about the next 4 weeks.

I'll keep writing about how those shifts go and feel over the next month. I'll probably supplement with massage and chiropractic to keep things from getting uncomfortable again.

Actually, I just made a last-minute effort to get in with Sam tomorrow. If not, I'll haul myself out to Mississauga to see my chiro. (Sandy Bhasin - He doesn't do any cracking -- the treatments are very gentle but effective. I found him after my second whiplash, when I couldn't move my head. Having so much going on with my neck, I like the gentleness of the treatments.



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