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The Many Wonders of Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

Posted Feb 02 2009 11:46pm 1 Comment
By Dr. Christine Gonzalez (PharmD, CHC)

On the advice of my eco beauty expert friend, I recently started using raw apple cider vinegar (ACV) as a rinse to keep my hair clean, shiny, and soft. To my surprise, it really does work and honestly does not smell, as long as you rinse very well. From its historical use as a condiment and preservative to a cleansing agent, apple cider vinegar continues to receive attention for its many potential health benefits. These include helping to maintain a proper acid-alkaline balance in the body, easing digestion, fighting infections, calming allergies, and lubricating the joints. Several small studies have begun to investigate the medical uses of apple cider vinegar in diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and heart health, cancer, and weight loss. I did find an article in BMC Gastroenterology from December 2007 that investigated the effects of apple cider vinegar on stomach emptying rate in a small group of diabetic patients. Unfortunately, these results showed a disadvantage. But keep in mind, this was a trial involving only ten patients.

As the name implies, apple cider vinegar comes from fermenting apples. The main active ingredient is acetic acid, the acidic compound that imparts that sour taste and strong smell. While there are many commercially available products, many prefer the raw, organic versions. A personal favorite is Bragg's Raw Apple Cider Vinegar. They ferment the apples in wooden barrels and keep the “mother”, which is the cobweb-like substance that other producers usually remove during distillation. Preserving the “mother” in the bottle retains the beneficial enzymes and nutrients like potassium and malic and tartaric acids. As a drink, apple cider vinegar should also been mixed with water or juice (even add a little raw honey). Otherwise, it may be too harsh for your teeth and throat. As an alternative, it can easily be used as a condiment, in salad dressing for example. I’d love to hear about any interesting uses you have for apple cider vinegar...

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I have had a cough now for 3 years. Only when I lie down. There is nothing wrong with my lungs.....The coughing kept me up 1/2 of the night.

I had a strong cough medicine, which helped....But It was EXPENSIVE,so I saw this group and did just that. I take 3 tblsp of vinegar and a little honey and I NO LONGER   COUGH. I do not know how it works , but it does.....



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