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The Human Brain Creates Dog People and Cat People

Posted Apr 04 2010 5:26pm

Do you own a dog? Would you prefer a cat? There are three categories that a person can fall into regarding animals. Some are cat people, some are dog people, and some are neither. However, those who are neither can be grouped into one of the previous categories as well, based on the type of animal that they prefer as a pet. Believe it or not, the human brain predetermines whether you are a dog or cat person.

The Human Brain Creates Dog People and Cat People

How the Brain Determines Whether You Are a Cat or Dog Person

A rather large study was conducted by the University of Texas, in Austin, Texas concerning dogs and cats and how people relate to them. Through the study, it was learned that people who prefer dogs are very outgoing and social, while those who prefer cats tend to not be as social, but are open to socialization. Cat people are much more philosophical than dog people.

This finding makes sense, because these are actually the general personalities of dogs and cats as well. Dogs live to please you, and cats do not. Dogs will run to the door and great you, while cats will hang back and wait for you to come to them.

What we’ve learned through this study is that the part of your brain that determines your personality also determines whether you are a dog or cat person. If you are a dog person, for example, and you have a bad experience with a dog, you are still a dog person. The same is true for cat people.

Why Pets are So Important to Us

As children, we are often given pets to learn a bit of responsibility. Young couples will often get a pet early in their marriage, before they have children. The cycle seems to repeat itself over and over, but there are other reasons why pets are so important to us.

Pets give us a sense of peace and happiness. Whether we are calmly petting the animal, playing with the animal, or just watching the animal, we are happier and more relaxed. It’s a scientific fact that simply petting a dog or a cat lowers the blood pressure, but this only seems to be true if you are petting the species that your brain prefers.

Are You a Dog or Cat Person?

Typically, it is easy to determine whether you prefer dogs or cats, but some people will keep both a dog and a cat. Some people have an instant dislike or discomfort for one species or the other, but feel joy when thinking about or being in contact with a dog or a cat. This is the truest test to determine whether you are a dog or cat person. Which one makes you the happiest? Which one makes you smile?

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