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The Healing Power of Sound Can Help You Achieve a Balance in Life

Posted Dec 13 2009 12:07am
Music is powerful and often called the universal language of mankind because of its ability to make people laugh, cry, feel comforted or even spring into action. Natural rhythmic sounds such as the resonance of a waterfall or wind rustling leaves on trees have the ability to bring us all into a harmonious balance. It is no wonder that researchers are uncovering more and more about the healing power of sound.

Sound therapy

The Proof

There have been a number of studies at university medical schools across the country that have proven that listening to music for 20 to 30 minutes can help the body release endorphins. These endorphins work to alleviate stress and pain which normally would lead to a number of health conditions and even suppress your immune system. Listening to classical music from Beethoven or Mozart for ten minutes a day, just a few days a week can effectively lower your blood pressure.

When you listen to music and sounds in nature, your body reacts to them. Your brain waves can by turns accelerate or slow down, depending on the volume and rhythmic patterns you hear. Your breathing can change as can your heartbeat. Basically, your body synchronizes with sound so you can choose the desired result. If want to energize your mind and body, you can choose upbeat, fast music. For a calmer, relaxed state, you can select slower, quieter rhythms in music and sound.

Sound Therapy Tools

To get in touch with your spiritual side, consider sound therapy through the use of singing bowls. Singing bowls are widely used in Tibet and other Middle Eastern cultures for relaxation, meditation, religious practices and even health. Most bowls are made from some type of metal and come in a variety of sizes from large kettles to tabletop models. A mallet wrapped in leather strapping or wood strips is rubbed against the rim of the bowls to create different sounds. There are even crystal singing bowls available as well.

Tuning forks can help you achieve balance of a physical nature. When you strike a tuning fork, the air around it vibrates, sending impulses through the air. If you tap two or more tuning forks near your body, you can achieve energy balances as the nerve endings in your body absorb the vibrations. If your head or neck hurts, you would strike two tuning forks near those body parts. The same principle applies whether you have pain in your knee, stomach or ankle. You can even stimulate your body organs to self-heal.

Relaxation CDs abound in the marketplace these days. Music and nature sounds are like nutrients for your nervous system. Discover which music has the power to affect your moods, energy levels and psyche. Have a collection of CDs (or MP3 files) at the ready, depending on what your needs are at any given time.

Consider learning a musical instrument, whether it is the piano, harmonica, accordion, guitar or some other option. Many research studies have proven that practicing a musical instrument keeps you young and your brain synapses firing at optimal capacity. Playing an instrument can relieve stress and tension in your body in addition to brushing away the cobwebs in your mind.

Sound therapy is, well, a sound plan of action for achieving balance in your life. Music and sound can be healing.

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