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The Fall Season: How to Stay Healthy and Happy

Posted Oct 04 2009 9:57pm

The fall is a time of transition, of contraction, of letting go.  It is also an important time to take care of yourself.
Taking the right action now will greatly help prevent upcoming illness in the winter.  Now is the time!  Here are some helpful tips to manage your health in the fall.

- Bolster Immunity! eat lite, cool foods, promote body fluid production

An excellent way of preventing upcoming colds and flus in the winter is by strengthening your immune system in the fall.  This is done primarily by supporting the lung meridian system which governs your bodies first line of defence against colds and flues.  Fresh ginger/mint tea is an excellent way to bolster immunity.  CLICK HERE FOR THE RECIPE!

Fall is crisp, dry and contracting.  It's important to balance the bodies susceptibility to dryness with nourishing foods such as pears, apples and other fruits.  Doing so will enhance your immune system and keep the organs nourished and rich.  Eat foods currently in season this fall that will help bolster your immunity CLICK HERE FOR A LIST OF IN SEASON FOOD!

As always, drink lots of water, your skin will thank you for it!

- Sleep early and get up early

It's time to acknowledge the contraction.  Your energy is delving inward and your body is beginning to conserve.  Honor the fall by going to bed early and arisising early.  A morning exercise routine bolsters the immune system and prevents illness in the upcoming winter.

- Stay positive

Fall season has an inherent sense of loss to it, so it is important to maintain balance by staying positive while respecting the natural progression of change.  A comforting walk along the leaf ridden sidewalk, making room for storage for the upcoming winter, a mid afternoon hike with your friend or mate; these are great examples of how you can honor the changing season.


Cupping is an ancient Chinese modality.

How it works: suction is created within glass cups and applied on the back.  It is painless, safe and FEELS GREAT! Most importantly it helps prevent colds and flues!  Now is the time: feel great, prevent  illness.  Ask your local acupuncturist for cupping so we can make the fall season a healthy one. CLICK HERE FOR CUPPING!

Remember, prevention is the key.  Begin now and reap the rewards of good health in the coming winter.  Let's make the coming holidays what they should be: happy and healthy.

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