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The Dyer Dozen: How to Connect w...

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:23pm

The Dyer Dozen: How to Connect with Intention
from ‘The Power of Intention’, by Wayne Dyer

1. Want More for Others than You want for Yourself
Whatever you perceive to be missing in your life, want that more for others.

2. Think From the End
See yourself as how you want to be, what you want your life to be like
‘I can create what I want for myself and see myself as already having it.’

3. Be an Appreciator of Your Life
Look for that which is valuable in your life and appreciate it.

4. Stay in Rapport with Source Energy
Be in a state of harmony with Source, that which is love, compassion, peace, understanding.

5. Understand Resistance
Every thought that isn’t what is like Source is resistance; if that thought is not loving, forgiving, compassionate.

6. Contemplate Yourself as Surrounded by Abundance
Contemplate the conditions that you want to produce abundance.

7. Understand the Art of Allowing
Take the path of least resistance; be as closely aligned to Source energy.

8. Practice Radical Humility
You are a divine source; a spiritual being having a human experience.

9. Be in a Constant State of Gratitude
Stay in a state of being generous and grateful.

10. Do Not Resolve a Problem by Condemning It
Shame is the lowest form of energy and least like Source energy

11. Play the Match Game
Am I matched up with the Field of Intention?

12. Meditate - Stay In The Gap
Stay connected to Source. Like silence it is the only thing that cannot be divided.
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