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The Differences between Male and Female Brains

Posted Apr 04 2010 5:26pm

Men say that they will never understand women. Women can’t figure out what causes men to do the things that they do. Both of these common situations exist simply because men and women are different. We are not just different in the way that we look; we are also different in the way that we think, and in the way that our brains tick.

The Differences Between Male and Female Brains

Are There Any Physical Differences between the Male and Female Brain?

Overall, a brain is a brain. With that said, however, the male brain is typically larger than the female brain, given that all other factors are equal. There is still so much that we do not understand about how the brain works, and this is part of the reason why men and women have a hard time figuring each other out.

Despite the lack of physical differences, we do believe that there are differences in the function of the brain between men and women. It is these differences in functions that cause women to do and think in ways that men cannot understand, and vice versa.

What Causes Men and Women to Do the Things They Do?

Men are typically more aggressive than women. This is because there actually is a part of the brain that leads us to defend what is ours, or to defend our turfs, and this section of the brain is larger in men than in women. Alternately, some parts of the female brain are larger than the male brain. One example of this is that part of the brain that gives us compassion for others – the Mirror Neuron System.

The part of the brain that guides our sexual desires is larger in men. While women do cheat on men, it is more common for men to cheat on women, and this explains why. That part of the brain is very large, and very active in men, and they have a hard time turning off thoughts of sex.

Men are more likely to be affected by loneliness in their later years than women are, while women are more affected by loneliness during their younger years. It always seems that men and women are working in direct opposition of each other – and essentially, in terms of brain function, they are.

Are Men Smarter than Women?

While the male brain is larger, this does not in anyway make a man smarter than a woman. Women have the opportunity to be just as smart as any man, but intelligence is based on so many different variables, including your background, your education, and your life experiences.

Despite the differences in the male and female brain, it all somehow seems to work out for the best. Where men are overzealous, women are the calming factor. Where women are overzealous, the makeup of the male brain serves to calm the female and put things back into perspective. Opposites really are great for each other.

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