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The Challenge of Change ...

Posted Jan 14 2009 7:40pm
The Challenge of Change

Delve into the World of Past Programming,
and Use Positive Visualization to Embrace Change


You're going through a transitional time in your life and you are not sure about what to do. It's a major turning point. Whatever you decide will affect the rest of your life, as well as the lives of other people, some of whom you know and some of whom you do not know. You must determine whether this change will be a benefit for you and your loved ones. There will be an effect on your future even if you do nothing.

If you do nothing, things will continue as they are. Do you want things to continue as they are?

Feeling Safe and Secure

The processional caterpillar was first noted in 1916 by a French entomologist - J Henri Fabre. He put a number of the caterpillars on the rim of a flowerpot and they followed one another around and around, the head of one following the back end of the one in front.

Round and round they went, not stopping or slowing, just moving along around and around the rim of the bowl. They were placed in a one-dimensional world. They no doubt felt safe and secure as they were in that world with their own kind. As long as they followed the one in front of them they were going somewhere. But where can you go in a one-dimensional world?

Round and round they went, until....After a week of walking along what to them was an endless, straight road-fatigue, langour, starvation, and exhaustion set in and one by one, they fell off the rim and died.

They never learned that all they had to do was to make one, small change. They had to step off one small part of an inch, a millimeter, a centimeter to the left or to the right and they would have been alright. They would have suddenly been in a two dimensional world and their lives would have changed.

Past Programming

Many people who should be living in a three dimensional world are blindly following other people around. Following their past programming by parents, by teachers, by friends, by institutions, both educational and religious. How many are blindly following other people's choices simply because it's the easiest thing to do. The familiar, comfortable way is to stick your nose behind someone else's ideas and follow along like the processional caterpillar. Is it possible that there are processional human beings?

Let's hope you are not one of them. But then, how can you know? When was the last time you looked to see where the line was going? It may well be going in the direction you want to go, it may be going in the direction you yourself would choose. If that's so, fine and good.

But if it's not, then get off the rim and stop following. Make a change.

To exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly.

~ Henri Louis Bergeson

Virtually Everything Involves Change

Programming, goal setting, success, failure, fear, relationships, marriage. divorce, confidence, buying, selling, events from birth to death, all are factors.

Change is the single most important element in everyone's life.

The conservative thinker detests change, the status quo is comforting, the liberal seeks to change everything being disenchanted with things as they are. Nationalistic and religious groups treat change as they would a viper in bed, yet the proselytize outside their groups demanding that others change. So long as they change to their way of thinking.

Change when instigated by oneself, is growth, expanding and evolving. But what constitutes change?

In one respect everything that we think or do changes something, therefore, everything is constantly changing. The very flow of time changes things. The trick is to control the changes in life. But how? We seek to instigate desired changes by PROGRAMMING.

Think now for just a moment - consider the major decisions you've made in your life. Decisions related to business, relationships, or raising money. Also, there are family decisions, health decisions, investment decisions, and decisions that seemed minor at the time you made them but that reached into your future and had a major effect on your life.

Think how those decisions would have been different if you had considered all aspects, both positive, neutral, and negative, when you decided to do, to marry, to go into business, to invest, to move, to start or to change something in your life.

Change is Growth

To prove this - Reverse it.

Growth is change.

Can you imagine something growing, without changing?

All growth is change. Is it good or bad?

That depends entirely on the attitude of the individual.

How to Handle Change in Your Life

Look at your current situation in two ways, from a positive perspective and then from a negative perspective.

First imagine the present continuing as it is now, but sense yourself accepting conditions. Imagine yourself seeings the positive nature of all the things that are disturbing at the present time. Imagine the way things will be if you allow them to continue with no changes. What are the positive aspects of that eventuality?

Next view the negative side of all the things that disturb you at present. Imagine your circumstances if you allow them to continue the way they are now. What will be the outcome of this continuation.

Change is Growth. If you have changed, consider the fact that you may have matured and outgrown your old needs.

Change VS Repetition

Change involves establishing new patterns and breaking the old. An established pattern, or habit, is comforting because it is familiar (even when there are unwelcome results). It's easy to attach yourself to comfort. In addition, familiarity carries a measure of security; you feel secure because you know the territory.

Repetition of any activity breeds familiarity. When you do a job you're familiar with, it becomes routine. Routine is comforting because you know what's ahead.

Just as a child requires a familiar object about at all times, so does the adult. The only difference is in the type of object.

It takes a great deal of maturing before the child is willing to let go of the familiar object. It doesn't matter in the least that the object may be unwashed, smelly, scratchy or full of lumps. What does matter is that it is familiar, and that is comforting.

Any attempt to remove the familiar, before the child is willing to let go, leads to chaos. However, allow the child to develop to a point where the letting go becomes a plateau of growth, you will see a beneficial crossroads in the life of the youngster.

Letting Go of the Familiar

We all have security blankets that we hang on to with fists of iron. Fearful of letting go of the familiar, we accept the continuing routine of things that someone outside might see as unacceptable.

Most of us attribute to outside agencies the forces that direct us to failure or success. When we feel that we have no control over these forces, then change becomes a throw of the dice. Not wanting to gamble on change and perhaps lose the security of the familiar, we remain in the comforting place known as the status quo - the existing state of affairs.

Actually, there is no sense in worrying about or concentrating on past mistakes. For given the same information and the same you of that time, you would find that if you could relive the event you would do the same thing all over again.

The reason that you are seeing it as an error is that you have grown and are no longer the same person that you were then. Look at past events not as mistakes, but as guideposts showing you the way to a better place.

You can clutch the past so tightly to your chest that it leaves your arms too full to embrace the present.

~ Jan Glidewell

See all past events as experience. Your mistakes are only things that did not work. The only way for you to know what works is to do. If something does not work, it's up to you not to use it again. Keep at it until you discover what does work - Persistence is the key

To Avoid Change is to Avoid Life

Without change there can be no strengthening of concepts, no greater awareness, no evolution. Change is a necessary part of the human experience. To avoid change is to avoid life.

By viewing change as resulting in the successful attainment of a goal, change and the future become things of great joy, and the appetite for life is strengthened and re-established. Desired change becomes a natural thing. Change becomes something to look forward to, a positive expectation. Change becomes a belief that something beneficial is going to happen.

We view change as a positive experience, providing the change is desired.

Change as a Positive

Anxiety vanishes when you are relaxed. Anxiety is a form of fear, apprehension about some future event. You cannot be fearful of a future event if you expect that event to be positive. The fear of change stems from expecting something bad to happen.

When you fear the future, things of the past appear more desirable. Older people seeing only decay in the future, fear it, feeling that any change will be negative, they dream of the past when they felt secure.

The young are resilient to change for the opposite reasons - the future represents their dreams come true, their goals achieved, their knowledge base increased.

Center yourself, go to the meditative dimension, and visualize the change as a positive event.

See the end result you desire as though you were the author of a play about your life.

View the aspects with a positive attitude and expect good things to take place. You will be making the unfamiliar familiar. Change then becomes a natural thing, something to look forward to - a positive expectation.

Change then becomes a belief that something good is about to happen.

Next...Reprogramming the Past

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