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The Benefits of Red Wine

Posted Mar 24 2010 3:58pm

Now you can enjoy a nice glass of red wine without the guilt that was once associated with it – as long as you are drinking your wine in moderation. There are numerous health benefits that can be acquired through red wine, and many old-school doctors will actually suggest that you have at least half a glass of red wine each day.

The Benefits of Red Wine

Red Wine is Great for Your Heart

According to the American Heart Association, studies that have been carried out show us that red wine can decrease the chances of a second heart attack if you’ve already had a heart attack. These studies also show that if you have never had a heart attack, a glass of red wine a day can reduce your chance of having one by up to 50%.

We also know, through these studies, that red wine can do other things to prevent heart disease and heart attacks. For example, red wine raises good cholesterol, and helps to lower bad cholesterol. Red wine is also beneficial in protecting against blood clots.

Other Health Benefits of Red Wine

Aside from heart health, there are other reasons to enjoy a glass of red wine each day. Research has proven that people who drink a glass of wine a day tend to live longer and healthier lives. If you are a smoker, the wine also reduces the amount of damage that is being done to the blood vessels.

While the verdict isn’t yet in, one study is showing that red wine can reduce hardening of the arteries, or Atherosclerosis, and while too much alcohol can raise the blood pressure, alcohol in moderation can actually help to reduce blood pressure. You also have a smaller chance of developing kidney stones, and some studies have found that red wine lowers the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

Who Should Not Drink Red Wine

According to the American Heart Association, nobody should drink wine, or any other type of alcohol. However, the AMA does suggest that if you already consume alcohol that you should do so in moderation. It is also important to note that while red wine does have health benefits, it also has disadvantages. Some studies suggest that alcohol in general can increase the risk of cancer, and those who drink wine are more likely to gain weight as well.

Naturally, anyone who has a problem with alcohol should not drink red wine, or any other alcoholic beverage. However, red wine does not have to contain alcohol in order to be beneficial, and you can purchase non-alcoholic red wine.

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