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The Beacons of Light ~ Re-minder...

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:23pm

The Beacons of Light ~ Re-minders from Home
April 15 2006

~ The Miracle ~
Meeting your Lemurian and Atlantean Self

The Beacons of Light Re-minders from Home are presented Live on the internet, transcribed and posted on the 15th of each month. The next Lightworker LIVE Lightcast will be on April 29, 2006.

Moving in 11 Dimensions

From Steve:

Last month in the Beacons, the Group asked several times; are you ready for a miracle? In this months message they explain what they meant by that statement. All of the mesages over the last four months have been explaining concepts that have been leading up to what they unveiled in this channel.

The Group has given me several modalities that we teach under the banner of the OverLight modalities. The latest of these which we will offer for the first time in Hawaii on 060606 is the Inverse Wave Therapy (OverLight 4). In this message the Group tells us more of the how this works.

Big hugs
Steve Rother

Greetings from Home.

Plan B

Dear ones, we are going to share with you this day that which you have createda miracle that is about to happen. We have some very special things to share with you this day, not because it is our job to tell you, but because you have created the space to allow this to happen. By raising your collective vibration to a critical point, you have shifted your own possibilities and stepped into Plan B as humans. You passed the marker with your evolution back in 1987 when the Earth was tested, and then again you passed the marker around 2000 when you were originally supposed to end the game. Now here you sit with no game plan in place, for there is no road map ahead of you at this moment. You are creating your path the mere second before your foot hits the path. That is why it is so humorous to us that so many of you want to know if you are on the path, and why we just say to wait until your foot hits the ground and then figure it out. The reality is you are quickly going beyond your own understanding.

Eleven Lemurians All in a Row

As humans become multidimensional, you are taking the Game beyond what was originally expected to be possible. There are 11 dimensions of time and space plus the point of perception, which makes 12. The reality is that today there could be 11 of youyour spirit as it has been expressed through 11 separate re-incarnations in concurrent timelines making slightly different choices and decisions, while having a beautiful human experience in each one. So, your soul is having 11 experiences as a human simultaneously. Each one of these timelines places you in a slightly different _expression of humanity, so that God may see you from many perspectives.

You are actually not humans, but rather spirits pretending to be humans for only a short time, pretending to be finite while hiding your true divinity from yourself. As humans begin to comprehend that there are many concurrent timelines and begin to cross into other dimensions, that reality will change the overall human experience.. This is not the first time that humanity has reached such a vibrational level and crossed dimensional timelines. In fact, one of these magical times was in the days of Lemuria.

We wish to offer this day an understanding of what happened in Lemuria. There are no real history books written on Lemuria and Atlantis. Have you ever wondered why? It was not because the technology did not exist. In fact, communication technology and intuitive communication skills far exceeded that which humans experience today. Let us offer the explanation that Lemuria and Atlantis existed in timelines adjacent to the one you live in now. You hold ideals that were set forth by teachers with theories and concepts of what Lemuria was about. We have even offered the Amor stories to bring back the customs and ideals of those sacred times. They may sound very familiar, yet they may also seem several steps removed.

Lemurians were childlike beings, simple yet very advanced. Imagine being able to balance the highest power between the head and the heart energy. In that timeline Lemurians evolved the human race and raised the collective vibration of humanity to a point where it was possible to walk between dimensions.

Much like the concept of ascension today, Lemurians were going to intentionally shift into another dimension of time and space and open the door for all of humanity to follow. The stories told even to this day are about the continent of Lemuria sinking into the ocean. It did not sink. Lemuria ascended, dear ones. Lemuria ascended and moved into another dimension of time and space with an intent to hold the door open for the ascension of all of humanity. However, even with the highest of intentions that is not what actually happened, for many Lemurians resisted the advancement and fell into fear. Throughout the history of mankind when timelines have crossed each other fear has always played a part. This time was no different.

Fear and Separation

With people falling into fear and not moving forward to ascension, a separation of humanity resulted that turned out to be devastating for all. Once again in the course of human evolution fear turned a positive into a negative. Acts of separation are in direct opposition of the Universal Energy and have long-term reactions. As a result, a big shift of energy took place. You think of Lemuria as happening in a separate timeframe as Atlantis, but the two were only a breath away from each other. Ultimately, even though Lemurians tried to hold that door open for advancement, it resulted in an act of separation. Separation is abhorred by the Universal Energy, therefore all actions of unity are supported and acts of separation are resisted.

We tell you that the Universal Energy is like a sheet that hangs symmetrically on a clothesline. But acts of separation push the sheet to one side, creating a big bulge on the other side. You know this as cause and effect. Once the force is removed the sheet wants to return back to center, and the Universal Energy wants to return to the norm by blending back together that which was separated to create the Game. The norm is unity and integration. Therefore, fear and separation can cause great negative reactions. From this point forward on Earth, the ways that you are alike become much more important than the ways you are separateor differentfrom each other. That will be reflected in everything you do on an individual and collective basis. It will be reflected in your relationships, in your businesses and governments. Choices that honor separation will find great resistance and result in long-term effects in the days ahead. Honor the combining of people in all walks of life, and know that all separation is simply an illusion created by polarity that is no longer needed to play the Game.

The blending of ideas, the combining of souls, of nations, races and beliefs will become the greatest use of the love energy in the days ahead.

Inverse Wave Therapy Multidimensional Creation

As humans intentionally build their orthogonal matrix, multidimensionality becomes more commonplace. You are currently in a timeline with a past, present and future. Actually you walk backward in the timeline because you cannot see your future, you can see your past and you can only see your present if you are cognizant. The reality is that most of you live in the future and that is the way you walk down the timeline. You walk backward in time, always looking at your future. So with this image in mind, we ask you what would happen if you were to turn around on your path and instead walk backwards? Would it not be helpful to walk with a clear vision of your future? And in place of forgetting your past, would it not be helpful to re-write a past to support your chosen future?

This, dear ones, is multidimensional creation. Even now, you become who you actually believe you will be tomorrow, so changing that vibrational pattern is the first step of creating a reality of your own design. This is a vibrational wave that holds the imprint of who and what you are becoming, much like your DNA holds the imprint of what each cell will become as it is born into your body. We will explain this further with some ideas, concepts, and energies that can help you change that vibrational thought patternout in front of you that you are walking into.

There are practical tools for doing this that include re-membering why you set up these circumstances for yourself in the first place. The modality we have given to change this vibrational pattern is the introduction of the inverse wave in 11 dimensions at one time. Wave cancellation is the first step in creating the blank slate upon which any future can be written and this can be easily done through the introduction of the opposite or inverse wave.

We have given practical applications of this modality for use with individuals that will be taught soon, but now that you have a basic understanding of the modality you can see that humanity as a collective is now looking directly at the same blank slate that you wish to create as individuals. This is a multidimensional creation that began with the Lemurians, which you are about to complete.

A Miracle is About to Happen

Multidimensionality means that you are not the only one living in this life. There are other expressions of your soul all sharing the same higher self. There are many concurrent lifetimes going on now. In the days ahead you will see it on television, you will see it in movie theaters, and the music you listen to. It will seem like suddenly, wherever you look, you will find people talking about being multidimensional. You will see stories with timelines about multidimensional experiences and beings that will start happening right now. Watch for the cosmic winks and take them for what they are. . . a vision into the future.

Consciously choosing to walk with multidimensional awareness gives one the ability to go from one dimension to the other, and then back again. You will not be able to stay over here because you have not been born into this one, but you have the capability of moving into it. We have told you that from the beginning.

That is about to happen more freely with all of you, for the miracle is about to happen. It has happened before on your planet several times for these timelines are moving concurrent and along side of each other. Every once in a while, one of those timelines curve and crosses another leaving permanent imprints on each one forever. When that happens it rewrites human history, as well as human futures, and is almost always seen as a historic event of great proportions. It happened in the days of Christ. It happened in the days of Buddha. It happened in the days of King Arthur. It happened in all the wonderful tales that you define humanity. Those are actually permanent imprints that are left after two or more timelines cross each other.

You are getting ready for another one. It is directly ahead of you. Shall we tell you which one you are about to cross? You are about to cross the one you left in the days of Lemuria. You are about to meet your Lemurian self and that is the possibility that lies ahead of you.

Meet Your Lemurian and Atlantean Self

This event is grand beyond your understanding. A miracle is about to happen and it is not just happening on Earth. It is happening in all dimensions of time and space everywhere. It is happening on all the Game Boards that are played.

Many do not resonate with Lemuria as much as they do Atlantis. Please understand there is a union of Lemuria and Atlantis, for after Lemuria stepped into the other dimension to try and open the door, Atlantis tried to move into the head energy which resulted in great technology. What is happening now is that there is a great combination of all of it. Atlantis and Lemuria are combining and you are a part of it. Most Lightworkers are here on the planet right now with the greatest hopes that this would happen. And here you are. Your higher selves which span all 11 dimensions of your being are creating the highest dream of God.

Watch for the miracles. Watch for the people who now come into your life very synchronistically. Watch for the people and the things that happen that re-mind you of the magnificence of Lemuria and Atlantis. Understand that a part of you may have already ascended as a Lemurian, waiting in the hopes that one day it would be possible to cross that path to make that original dream come true. You are about to meet your Lemurian and Atlantean self.

Orthogonal Matrix, 2012 and the Secret of Life

We gave you a concept of three breaths moving within the body to build your Orthoganal Matrix. Your Orthoganal Matrix is building even without using any tools. As in all tools we give you and all modalities that are in on Earth, they have no magic to them. They are only there to reflect your magic in you. They are only there to help you re-member you are the creators; if you believe that taking three breaths and moving it throughout your body is going to build your Orthogonal Matrix, it works. And if you take the three breaths and think, I wonder if this is really going to work. Am I doing it right? This is silly. Why am I doing this? then it will hopelessly fail. There is no magic in the three breaths exercise, dear ones. The magic is in you and always has been. That is what we are here to help you re-member. Our greatest work is to help you re-member what you had in mind for yourself before you were born. God hiding from herself, looking for himself. That is exciting beyond your understanding and now that these timelines are about to cross there is great excitement building through All That Is.

Believe, and it is so. . . . Life is a self fulfilling prophecy. This is the secret of living as an empowered human. Many predicted this a long time ago. It was originally predicted as one of the events that would happen in 2012. You have moved these events forward. It does not take away from the magic of 2012. That will be a very magical year and time, and when the collective decides what day that will be then the magic will happen. Many will go to the mountains to enjoy the wonderful energy of the mountains and the ascension experience. Some will expect the heavens open up and pull them out of their cars while they are driving, and all the people less advanced will be left to dodge the cars left without drivers. Humans are so imaginative! Most of humanity will feel an increased sense of excitement much like the feeling that happened in 1987 during the Harmonic Convergence. There will be celebrations and some will wait for the spaceships to come down and get them. After all the celebration the next day, you will come down from the mountain and you will go back to work. Some will even say that it happened in another dimension and they could not be more correct. It is all that is happening in the dimension that you are in today.

Rewiring the Body

We ask you to take care of yourself during this time, as some of you will find yourselves in physical exhaustion for no apparent reason. It is because you are changing your lifestyle and rewiring yourselves for what is ahead. You are changing the way you deal with energy in your body in preparation for what is about to happen. As these timelines cross, a miracle will happen. What would it be like for you to be there in the days of Jesus Christ, when he was teaching and when he was crucified? What would it be like to be there at King Arthur's round table? What would it be like to sit in front of Buddha and ask him questions? You are about to find out. It is not centered around a single being. This time it is centered around all for you, for unity was the lesson of Lemuria. Your Lemurian selves decided that this time none of you will go until all of you go together, holding hands as one.

Lightworker Challenge: Inverse Fear = Love

You are about to cross timelines with yourself and we tell you, that can be exciting for some. Yet as we have mentioned before every other time that this miracle has happened human fear has also left imprints that have taken generations to eradicate. That is why we are telling you about what is unfolding. Your soul had a specific part to play in the Game. Many have not been able to really discover what they are meant to do here. We tell you that now you may understand for Lightworkers have a new challenge. In preparation for what is to come on planet Earth it is time to begin now. Creating the inverse wave of fear must begin now. The opposite vibration of fear is love.

You can be the beings of light that hold the energy of confidence when others become afraid of the unknown. Practice that stance now and become the Human Angels of the New Earth. You can help balance the lack of lovewhich is seen as fearwith more love. You can help balance the lack of knowledge when you understand that it is only possible to be afraid of the unknown and realize that even a little knowledge can equate to love. Love can take humans out of the fearful experience. That is what is ahead and that is the miracle that is happening now. You are beings of Light. Let that Light shine now. Stand proud to be a Lightworker on Earth and greet yourself with open arms that welcome home the long lost heroes of Lemuria and Atlantis. The timeline is an illusion but for just a brief moment when those timelines cross, the illusion is gone. For that brief moment . . . you are Home.

Watch the people that you start to meet. Watch with expectation. Expect a miracle in your life. We have been hinting at some these things for many years and now it begins. It is a miracle of grand scale that you have created. All eyes are upon you with the Love of Home.

Expect a miracle. Create your life in the highest _expression of joy that you can and understand that your thoughts and your point of perception create everything in your life. And if at any time you are not happy with what you have created, have the courage to choose again. Have the courage to bring forward new thoughts and new ideas for you to act upon. Have the courage to change the path before your foot hits the ground. The miracle is about to happen and we leave you with only three simple reminders. Treat each other with the greatest of respect. Nurture one another, and play well together.

the Group

Famous in Our Own World
By Barbara Rother

Recently Steve and I took time to visit friends in Malibu , California . It had been a dream for David and Lorena Solinger to move to this magical place. I am very proud of them that they had trust in themselves to search for their new dream. Their lives reflect what Steve and I did when we moved to Las Vegas . This trip to Malibu was a whole weekend of visiting our friends. We had time to relax, talk and enjoy the surroundings. It is not often when we take time to unwind like this. Usually all our travels are around our Lightworker seminars. We always have fun around these events but our trip to Malibu was simply to connect with our dear friends.

David and Lorena told us that Malibu , being close to Hollywood , is a place where many famous people live including movie and television stars, producers, etc. They said to keep our eyes open wherever we went because we might just spot someone. They said they often see well known people even at their local grocery store. It is understood that people who live there do not treat the celebrities any different than anyone else out of respect for their privacy. It is a matter of honoring each others space no matter who you are. Although we didn't see anyone known to us, we did see many glamorous homes where the famous live. I have to admit I was impressed. I get caught up with all the celebrity games being played. Then I thought are they really different then any one of us? They are famous in their own world only because of the media making us aware of their presence.

David pointed out a remarkable statement We are all famous in our own world. This is so true. Think about your own personal world. Who are the people who value you for who you are? Who would miss you so deeply if you were not here tomorrow? What difference have you made in your own reality by being you? You are important in your own right. You are making a difference to all around you.

I don't think I would want to be recognized to the point that paparazzi would be hounding me and my private life would not be private at all. I wouldn't want to be judged by what television and magazines portrayed me as being, instead of who I really am. I just read where many celebrities are moving away from the Hollywood scene in search of a more normal world where they can raise their children and not be so consumed with the glitz of their chosen profession.
I have to admit I do like the fact that Steve and I are known in a certain area due to our traveling presenting our Lightwork, our web site and books. I am human; I admit it is a boost to my ego.

Recently I took a friend to the Las Vegas airport. I decided to take some time out to explore the many stores there. Usually we are in a rush to catch a plane on our way out to somewhere and I never take the opportunity to browse the area. I decided to go into a store that carries my favorite sunglasses. When I was getting ready to purchase a pair I explained to the sales person that I had recently lost a pair of my glasses at one of our seminars. She asked what type of events I did. I started to explain as I pulled a Lightworker business card out of my wallet. Another sales person overheard our conversation, came over to look at the card and said Oh, you're Barbara Rother with Lightworker. Let me come around and give you a hug! She explained that she knew of our work, asked how Steve was and that friends of hers had been to our events before. She was a delightful person so full of joy.

I have to admit this made my day. It wasn't so much that I felt famous for being recognized but that I felt our work was reaching people. Yes, I do choose to continue to reach a state of being acknowledged worldwide because then I know our work is connecting all around us.

Steve and I were on a flight to one of our events. Since we travel so much we are able most of the time to move up to business or first class on the planes. This particular flight we were in first class. I love to be pampered so I was enjoying this flight. Directly across from me was an attractive young man. He had a certain charisma about him that seemed to draw attention. The flight attendant spent the whole time talking with him. I could tell from their conversations that he was someone famous in either the television or movie world. Usually I am very open to talking with people. I like to pride myself that I do not know a stranger. I am the one who will instigate a conversation in an elevator.

This particular flight was very early in the morning and neither Steve nor I had gotten much sleep the night before. I was not being my usual social self so I did not speak to this young man besides I don't think I could have with everyone else paying him so much attention. I don't watch a lot of television and don't see as many movies as I would like to so I didn't recognize this person. I had to laugh to myself with my thoughts. If I did talk to him would I say Excuse me are you someone famous? I thought that would be insulting. Then I thought are you famous if no one recognizes you? It is all a matter of perception.

On this same flight I got up to stretch my legs and I spoke to the same flight attendant who was previously embraced with this celebrity's charm. I think back now and thought I should have asked her who this gentleman was. Instead I got into a conversation with her about how we travel with our work and how my husband was an author. This star struck attendant asked Oh is he someone I should know, is he famous? I told her he is only if you are aware of his work.
So you see being famous is a perspective how we and others view our own world. I am impressed with everyone I meet because of their experiences and what we all have to offer each other. We are the most important person in our own lives.

With my Love and Light,


Special Request Copyright 2006. Steve Rother. This information is meant to circulate and may be freely disseminated, in whole or in part, provided that this notice is included. This material may be used with the condition that all rights, including copyrights of translations of this material, remain with the original copyright holder. Further information from the Group may be found at: Thanks for helping to spread the Light!

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