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The All Important Placebo Effect

Posted May 04 2010 1:17pm

Some time ago,  I wrote an article about Placebo versus Nocebo.   Two people with what was thought to be end stage cancer and chose to use my CD “Cancer Be Gone”  recovered.  Part of their healing had to do with purposefully ignoring the dire predictions of the health care community.

If we are committed to resolving the current state of health care funding in the US,  how about taking full advantage of the placebo effect?  We’ve know for years that exists and may be responsible for a huge percentage of healing that takes place.

In the New York Times Opinionator, Olivia Judson wrote a short but good article about this.  She begins by saying “The placebo effect is, potentially, one of the most powerful forces in medicine.  The challenge is to harness that power in a reliable and systematic way”.  That is certainly true.  I can bear witness to its effectiveness.

In summary, she says  “It’s time we stopped treating the placebo effect as a nuisance-something that rational humans shouldn’t have. Instead, we must learn to purposefully enhance its power.”

After all, what is our goal? To allowing healing to happen or earn a fortune prescribing tests and medicine?

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