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Posted Jul 26 2008 10:18am

Text messagingThis is a SERIOUS PROBLEM, well, okay maybe not serious but if are suffering from it you know itspainful. There is HOPE to save the digits that allow you do things that other species on the earth cannot.

Texting thumbs is a problem that is beginning to show up in adults more prevalently.  Since the onslaught of video games, kids have complained of the sore "thumb syndrome"  leaving parents to laugh and give them the proverbial "You play you pay" speech. 

Now that the tables are turning, adults are looking for a solution to this dilemma. They are getting hand, wrist and arm massages, stretching the fingers and wrists even soaking hands at night in hot water, Yeesh! All this to stay connected.

The American Physical Therapy Association recently recognizedBlackBerry Thumbas an official work place malady -- a stress-related injury due to over-use of any PDA or smartphone. The link gives you some APTA guidelines, below I will add my corrections for this ailment.

Lets look at this phenomenon of communication side effects from a slightly different standpoint.

So now that we know that this is a real issue, we must be proactive to keep ourselves pain free.  I must admit I have not entered the "twittering" arena yet, I am beginning slowly by texting with the kids and friends.

Below is an additional treatment protocol for this condition, which is a good idea for anyone who is at a computer or sits in a leaned forward posture.

Text messaging2Although the pain is in the hands, the power supply comes from the nerves in the neck. The almost fetal position we get into requires an uncoiling, if you will, of our spine. 

Taking your multiple vitamin with minerals will also help. Don't skimp on the quality you are worth it! There is an increased vitamin and mineral need with the increase of muscle use at the hands, wrists and thumbs.

Good luck and have fun with your connecting, and be proactive to prevent"TWITTERING THUMBS".

Let me know how you do or if you have any questions or comments.

            "I ask nothing of you, you ask nothing of me. Yet neither can exist without the other."

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