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Taking Statins? Best Read This

Posted Jun 29 2010 3:00am
By Dr. Dwight Lundell MD 06/29/2010

“Old Age” Is Coming at Us, Faster than We’d Like to Think

We can’t stop time. But we don’t have to suffer from age-related indignities like constant fatigue… bedroom “meltdowns”… frequent memory lapses… or creaky joints.

Today, I’d like to give you a simple method to shield yourself from these scary effects of aging.

It doesn’t require changing your diet, altering your exercise routines, or making special visits to the doctor.

All it takes is drinking a six-ounce glass of water or juice each day.

Of course, you won’t be drinking JUST water or juice… You see, the Total Health Breakthroughs scientists have developed a special formula that can help keep you looking and feeling young.

This elixir is specifically designed to help stave off the effects of aging. It includes 15 variations of a well-researched compound that helps prevent cell damage that contributes to premature aging… promote optimal brain function… And maintain overall health and vitality.

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Medicine has been saying for over 40 years that cholesterol is a significant factor in heart disease.  We’ve been bombarded with the cholesterol theory, cloudy science and powerful marketing that most of us believe to be fact.

There’s one cardiovascular surgeon who doesn’t believe that’s true, Dr. Dwight Lundell. He adamantly speaks out against the statin marketing scam.  You’re going to enjoy reading his article below.

Dr. Lundell didn’t discover this astonishing truth over night: he was a cardiac surgeon for 25 years and performed over 5,000 heart surgeries.

According to Dr. Dwight Lundell, cholesterol has very little to do with heart disease. And the good news is this: heart disease can be treated and reversed when you lower inflammation with natural and simple solutions. 

During that time he became convinced that cholesterol was not the real culprit of heart disease… and statin medications were not the answer. And he developed these convictions through daily observation in the operating room… reading thousands of scientific studies… and his own personal, cutting-edge research.

To your health,

Ian Robinson,
Managing Editor, Total Health Breakthroughs

By Dr. Dwight Lundell

Television ads featuring heart inventor, Dr. Robert Jarvik, who, by the way, cannot row a skull and never practiced medicine, claims that Lipitor will lower heart attack risk by 36 percent. Now, who wouldn’t want that… but let’s look at the fine print.

The fine print required says “in a large clinical study three percent of people taking a placebo had a heart attack and two percent of those taking Lipitor had a heart attack.” Let’s do the math.

Reviewing the Statistics

For every 100 people in the trial that lasted three-and-half years, three people on the placebo and two people on Lipitor had heart attacks. That is one less heart attack for every 100 people.

In other words, 100 people had to take Lipitor for three-and-half years to prevent one heart attack. What this really means is: 99 out of 100 people taking Lipitor received no benefit.

There is a little known statistic, “Number Needed To Treat,” (NNT) defined as the number of patients who need to be treated in order to prevent one bad outcome. In the case of Lipitor, 100 patients needed to be treated for three-and-half years to possibly eliminate one heart attack.

Let’s compare that number to today’s antibiotic treatment to eradicate ulcer causing H. pylori stomach bacteria. The Number Needed to Treat H. pylori is 1:1. That means if you give the antibiotic to 11 people, 10 will be cured.

Several recent scientific papers peg the NNT for statin medications at 250. That means 249 of 250 would receive no benefit. Dr. Jerome R. Hoffman, Professor of Clinical Medicine at UCLA asks:

“What if you put 250 people in a room and told them they would have to pay over
$1,000 per year for a medicine they must take every day that might give them diarrhea and muscle pain and that 249 of those people would get no benefit, how many would take that?” Very, very few.

Don’t "accept" this 3.1% yield… take this one instead!

The Holy Grail of blood sugar balancers discovered!

Contrary to the mainstream’s favorite party line, maintaining healthy blood sugar isn’t just about what you eat…or DON’T eat…OR how much you exercise.

Scientists have finally uncovered what may be the major culprit behind imbalanced blood sugar. It’s been completely overlooked by the medical community. But with this simple secret…

YOU could jumpstart your benefits in as little as ONE WEEK…

Marketing over Medicine

Drug companies have a responsibility to their shareholders to make a profit. We need drug companies to develop new medicines; however, when they grossly overstate benefits and spend enormous dollars influencing physicians, it leads to potential corruption.

The National Cholesterol Education Program (NCEP) 2004 guidelines lowered the targets for cholesterol treatment and recommended more Americans take statins. The panel that issued the guidelines was comprised of nine experts, eight of which had ties to the drug industry.

Taking Risks

We physicians who speak out take great risks as medicine and government agencies do not like criticism. For example, Dr. Henry C. Barry of the Michigan State University College of Medicine recently stated, “The NCEP guideline and process went awry.”

Dr. Barry and 34 other experts sent a petition of protest to the National Institutes of Health saying the evidence was weak and the panel biased because of its ties to the drug industry.

Dr. Rodney A. Hayward, Professor of Internal Medicine at the University of Michigan Medical school said, “current evidence supports ignoring LDL cholesterol altogether.”

In response, The National Cholesterol Education Program stated strongly, “Dr. Hayward should be held accountable in a court of law for doing things to kill people.”
We might expect this kind of harsh response from zealots and extremists but not from government agencies or scientists.

If we spent just a fraction of the money we now do on cholesterol testing, cholesterol lowering drugs and doctors visits, on educating people about proper diet, exercise and weight loss, we’d be far healthier.

About Dr. Lundell: Dr. Dwight Lundell is the past Chief of Staff and Chief of Surgery at Banner Heart Hospital, Mesa, AZ. He is the founder of Healthy Humans Foundation and Chief Medical Advisor for Asantae. In 2003, Dr. Lundell made the most difficult decision of his 25 year surgical career. As traditional medicine continued to chase the cholesterol theory of heart disease, Dr. Lundell closed his surgical practice. He then devoted the rest of his life to speaking the truth that inflammation causes heart disease. By lowering inflammation, heart disease has a cure.

Dr. Lundell is the author of the world-wide bestselling book, The Great Cholesterol Lie. This book is a revealing look at heart disease and the faulty theories of low-fat diets and cholesterol. He also reveals his clinically-tested recommendations for lowering inflammation that can prevent and reverse heart disease. Click here now to learn more .

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