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Taking Ourselves Back: Affirmative Action onto Ourselves and Thoughts

Posted May 10 2010 7:01am
By Carol Harblin (CHHC)

Shifting from negative to positive thinking may seem like a major feat that can only be resolved with several thousand dollars of therapy, but Louise Hay helps us again with simple, user-friendly affirmations and exercises in her newest new book, “Experience You Good Now.”

In this book, she guides us to “lift the burden of old negative beliefs and release them back to the nothingness from whence they came.”

This book also comes with a CD companion as well. So you may listen to it as you drive your car or while you clean your house or cook. People learn in different ways, by reading or by listening.

In celebration of the release of Louise Hay’s book, Hay House is offering the chance to win a spot on their ‘I Can Do It!’ At sea Caribbean Cruise, January 28 to February 4, 2011. Click here to enter!

People can be skeptical by saying that speaking something over again won’t help. But does it? The very skeptical thought is a sort of affirmation in itself. People who doubt things and who have built a negative aura around them was created from negative thoughts and negative affirmations.

By saying these affirmations, it’s not about saying them once and dismissing them. You must use them daily as one would take a pill or supplement. A daily positive affirmation is as important as your daily coffee or pill.

Any thought can be transformed into something beautiful. It just takes an open mind and positive thoughts to do it. It’s about making that shift from negative to positive.

Whether it is a negative or positive affirmation, it opens a door to a pattern of thoughts and beliefs that will set an undertone to your future. What kind of future do you want? Doesn’t everyone want a peaceful and positive existence?

People write affirmations as there statuses in their social networks everyday. It may not be the most positive of statements, but they are in fact affirmations. In this book, “Experience Your Good Now” is a compass to help direct you and teach you how to shift into positive thoughts and beliefs with simple positive affirmations.

Every winter, people begin to say their seasonal affirmation such as, “Here comes flu season,” but an example of shifting that thought pattern to a more positive belief would be to say, “Good health is mine now. I release the past.”

Health, fearful emotions, critical thinking, addictions, forgiveness, work, money, friends, love/intimacy, and aging are each other affirmations she discusses in each own chapter.

Within each of these chapters, there are exercises where you will sit and answer for yourself. Also included within each chapter are visualizations and statements to further enable you to shift yourself into a positive mindset.

Click here to buy her book now!

“Experience Your Good Now!” supplements her earlier published book, “You Can Heal Your Life,” because it will help to understand exactly how to make the most of your thoughts and positive affirmations in your daily life.

Disclaimer: Received a review copy for free from Hay House.

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