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Taco Bell Sued Over Meat That's Just 35 Percent Beef -

Posted Apr 22 2011 4:12pm
I was just about to log off for the holiday weekend when I spotted this gem of a news story - and gagged:

Taco Bell Sued Over Meat That's Just 35 Percent Beef -

In college, I lived on Taco Bell. The office where I worked part time as an advertising writer and voice over talent was just a few minutes away from a Taco Bell. And of course, being a college student, I had zero money for food....just coins I'd find jingling around in the bottom of my purse.  But if you had 99 cents you could get a Taco Supreme in those days and 79 cents a regular taco. Good gracious, I can still remember the prices. I guess I ate there more than I thought.

Yum, now I know I ate MORE than I bargained for. Apparently - at least in today's menu - those beef tacos should be called "Mystery Meat."  35% is beef, but what's the rest? We are told soy, binders and fillers.  What the heck is binder and a filler? Where do I see binders and fillers grazing in a pasture or growing in a field somewhere?

I do occasionally eat fast food but my Achilles Heel is the Wendy's chicken wrap sandwich, which at least has (I hope) discernible white meat chicken.  I shudder to think of how much "filler" and "by product" I have eaten over the years.

What do you think?  Do you think Taco Bell engaged in deceptive practices, as the news story alleges, or that it is just doing what everyone else is doing these days?
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