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Sunday Health Tip: Consider Homeopathic Constitutional Treatment for Whole Child Wellness

Posted Aug 07 2011 1:32pm

Lisette Narragon, CHC, BRCP, of Bay Area Homeopathy , is my daughter’s professional homeopathic consultant and my go-to person whenever the Little Apple’s health takes a dive. Recently I took my little one to Lisette for constitutional treatment, and I asked Lisette to write a short blog about what “constitutes” constitutional treatment in homeopathy. – Mare


Bay Area Homeopath Lisette Narragon

Mare asked me the question, “What is homeopathic constitutional treatment and how does it differ from acute treatment?” The easy answer is: constitutional treatment focuses on chronic illness and overall health and vitality, while acute treatment focuses on whatever the child (or person) is suffering from in that moment. In constitutional treatment, the homeopath is looking to alter the tendency to become ill, to reduce the susceptibility to disease. Therefore, in constitutional treatment, the homeopath looks at the whole child in a broader sense.

A good example would be a child with eczema or asthma versus one with a fever. The eczema is a chronic condition, whereas the fever has a clear beginning and clear time of resolution. The difference in the treatment itself is that in acute care, the homeopath focuses the remedy choice on a smaller set of symptoms, such as the specifics of the fever. For instance: where is the child hot, time of onset, thirst, pupil size, and skin color along with any mood changes that are significant.

In constitutional treatment, the homeopath might consider that recurrent fevers are in the picture, but the focus is broader. We look at personality, food aversions and cravings, fears, body temperature, etc. A remedy chosen with the whole child in mind will tend to act more deeply and for a longer duration. It is also a more difficult task to find the correct remedy and requires quite in-depth knowledge of homeopathic philosophy and remedies, as well as experience knowing how to read the child’s response to the remedy.

So for simple illnesses that occur once or twice, acute homeopathic care can work very well. If you notice that the same illnesses continue, such as recurrent ear or chest infections (or in Mare’s daughter’s case, recurrent croup), however, then it is time to consult a homeopath for constitutional treatment. Together, we can strengthen your child’s overall health and stop those nasty infections from coming back!

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