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Subway Nutrition Information: Is It Healthy?

Posted Mar 04 2010 9:57pm

We’ve all heard about the guy who lost a great deal of weight eating nothing but Subway Sandwiches. Many of us have even tried the famous Subway diet, and failed, but a few have actually succeeded. When it comes to Subway Nutrition Information, you absolutely must ask whether or not this is healthy food.

subway nutrition information

About Subway Nutrition Information

Subway is one of the first fast food restaurants to offer nutrition information concerning their products to their customers. This has made it easier for those who are trying to maintain their current weight or to lose weight. Unfortunately, not everyone understands the nutrition information that is supplied.

You must carefully read information that determines the nutrition information as reported by Subway in order to eat healthy. For example, if they say a certain sandwich has a certain number of calories, and a certain number of fat grams, you must pay special attention to how the sandwich is prepared in their analysis, and have your sub prepared in the same way.

Is It Possible to Lose Weight with Subway Nutrition Information?

It is possible to lose weight with Subway foods if you properly use Subway nutrition information along with other nutrition information. Man cannot live by bread alone, and you need to first ensure that you are getting the proper foods in your diet with your Subway order.

Second, you must consider the nutritional content of each item that you have added to your sandwich, with the understanding that as the sandwich is being prepared, these items are not being weighed and measured for their nutritional content.

Ordering a Subway Sandwich with Your Health Needs in Mind

When you order your Subway sandwich, you must learn to be very specific. You must learn to tell the Subway associate exactly how much of each item you want on the sandwich, and you must find out for yourself the nutritional content of each item that is being added.

Cheese adds fat and calorie. Mayonnaise also adds fat and calories. It may not seem like much, but it really adds up quite fast, and before you know what happened, you will find that instead of maintaining your weight, or losing weight, that you have actually gained weight. You also need to be careful with your bread choices, and be aware of special sauces that certain meats are cooked in as well – all of this can turn what seems like a healthy sandwich into something that could cause an artery to clog!

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