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Subscriptions Open For Plant Healer Journal!

Posted Nov 22 2010 5:24pm

Subscriptions Open Today For

Plant Healer A Journal of Traditional Western Herbalism

Get the Premier December Issue
& 5 Exclusive, Free Video, Audio & Visual Bonuses!

$37 yr.(4 Issues)  – Go To

Subscribe now to Plant Healer Magazine, in time for the debut December issue!  Plant Healer is the quarterly journal of the new Folk Herbalism resurgence – a downloadable, beautifully illustrated, full color PDF magazine dedicated to the further informing, inspiring and empowering of all you practicing herbalists and advanced herbal teachers, ardent students and impassioned beginners, conservationists and activists, informal community healers and unrepentant plant fanatics… as well as everyone taking any responsibility for their own basic health needs or those of their loved families!

The premier December issue includes:

Cover art by Joanna Powell Colbert, Kristine Brown’s creative page for child herbalists, and articles by Rosemary Gladstar, Kiva Rose, Jim McDonald, Phyllis Light, Jesse Wolf Hardin, Sean Donahue, Robin Rose Bennett, Virginia Adi, Ananda Wilson, Rosalee de la Foret, Darcey Blue French and HerbMentor’s John Gallagher, to name only a few.

Subscription Benefits,
Gifts & Discounts

When you subscribe to Plant Healer, you’ll be given access to your own personal member’s page on the Plant Healer site, where you can download the current edition of the Plant Healer Journal.  Your quarterly issues will be available as full color PDF files in both high and low resolution versions.

As a member, you also have access to – and are encouraged to download and enjoy – what will be a periodically expanded number of exclusive gifts such as special teaching aids and exclusive articles by Kiva, color artwork by Jesse Wolf that’s suitable for framing and available nowhere else, discounts on upcoming events and available Anima herbal courses, audio and video recordings of Traditions In Western Herbalism Conference classes and concerts.

Available with your subscription now will already be the following 5 exclusive bonuses:

•Free Plant Walk Video with Jim McDonald on Mullein
•Free, Kiva’s handy new chart “Herbs For Winter Ailments”
•Free complete audio recording of Paul Bergner’s acclaimed “Vitalist Herbalism” class from the 2010 TWH conference
•Free MP3 album of songs from the 2010 conference with Tina & Her Pony, Flamenco World Co. and Rising Appalachia
•Free frame-worthy color 8×11 300dpi poster, first in an ongoing “Diversity in Herbalism” series created by Jesse Wolf Hardin and featuring a number of contributing artists

Plant Healer brings to its engaged readers the indigenous wisdom and healing traditions of the Western world, in balance with the latest in clinical research, measured and tested against personal experience.  Articles are characteristically folk hearted and grassroots oriented, place based and nature-informed… and in their own ways novel, distinguished, instigative or edgy.  Plant Healer affords a diverse selection of renowned herbalist authors a unique venue for their most personal and cutting-edge work, a place for them to challenge assumptions and paradigms, to inspire new ways of thinking and more effective ways of treating and healing.  Each quarterly Plant Healer issue will include a dozen or so articles falling under any number of the journal’s 16 departments:

• The Healing Journey: Explorations & Meanders Wolf Hardin’s stirring editorials and tales, exploring ancient sensibilities and new perspectives, redefining what it means to heal and be healed, to be wholly alive and  thrive.

•Traditions in Focus: Exploring Western Folk Medicine Highlighting and exploring the vast terrain of plant-based folk medicine of the Western world.

•The Primordium: Field Botany A fundamental series on the why and how of field botany for the herbalist, wildcrafter and gardener.

•Into the Forest: ReWilding From The Roots Highlighting foraging techniques, many plant-based primitive skills and other ways of nourishing the primal spirit shared by people and plant.

•From the Hearth: Traditional Foodways Nutritional therapy and food as medicine with a focus on traditional foods.

•The Allies: Plant Profiles & Monographs In-depth and intimate looks at medicinal plants, their properties, actions and ways of working with them.

•Constitutional Approaches & Herbal Energetics Common sense and sensory perspectives on the actions of medicinal plants and observable constitutional patterns.

•Seeing Folks: Case Studies & Therapeutics Up-close looks at ways of treating dis-ease, pathophysiology and imbalance in the body including nutritional, herbal, lifestyle and other approaches.

•A Distillation: Herbal Medicine Making Techniques, approaches, recipes and explorations of plant-based medicine making, both traditional and new.

•BirthRoot: Midwifery & Herbal Childcare Addressing the ways in which botanical medicine can support and intersect with midwifery as well as practical approaches to treating children with herbs.

•Herbal Sprouts: Kid’s As Herbalists Kristine Brown’s regular column, stories, activities and games to inspire upcoming generations of budding herbalists.

•Networking & Marketing: Reaching More People, Maximizing Effects Herbalist
s    A regular column by John Gallagher featuring important outreach and distribution tools for herbalists who may not be comfortable with either marketing or internet.

• Tools & Tips Practical suggestions and useful lists… wildcrafting, gardening and medicine making tools, plus conceptual tools for energetics and diagnosis, successful practice and community relations.

•From the Ground Up: Conservation, Restoration and Propagation Personal stories, essays, how-to’s and everything in between, all focused on ways in which we can preserve, proliferate and restore plants and the land they grow from.

•A Weedy Revolution: Advocacy and Activism Working to increase accessibility of healthcare, protect wild land/plants and traditional medicine, provide sustainable medicine and preserve the practitioner’s right to work within their communities.

•Medicine Trail Kiva Rose’s thoughtful, sense-filled stories of her Medicine Woman life.  Appearing here from now on, will be the highly personal and deeply engaging articles that have helped make her Medicine Woman’s Roots blog so popular.

Plant Healer is defined not only by its articles and profiles, but also its colorful pages, exciting layout and unconventional feel, enchanting illustrations and evocative photographs, doing their part to open the reader to new worlds and ways of thinking.

We know it’s possible for a publication that is practical and credible, to also be striking and beautiful.  It’s therefore our intention that you find the journals sensually and aesthetically pleasing, contributing a sense of physicality to the flow of disembodied words, spirit and tone to what is in a sense a visible and visceral journey.  It is with this in mind that Wolf has given so much attention to creating the department headers, and that we are going to such great lengths to find and enlist the collaboration of the most awesome artists and illustrators… beginning with the drawing of a traditional Hispanic curandera by Washington state artist Joanna Powell Colbert gracing the maiden cover.

Finally, we’re not afraid to make Plant Healer Journal an honest representation of our wild and varied community: just a bit edgy, containing in its garden folds not just backwoods hippie vibe but the dark humor of New York free clinic activism and intensity of San Francisco guerilla herbalism, the controversial frontiers of new science and extreme depths of personal experience and resultant reflection, an aesthetic diversity that is not just “alternative” but also radical chic and botany geek, cowgirl and punk.  A magazine with attitude, as well a magazine that cares.

We’ll measure our success not on subscription numbers or even economic viability, but on the degree to which you are affected and stirred, inspired and equipped… and how much better you are able to give – to yourself, your clients, students and this earth – as a result of what Plant Healer is able to give to you.

To subscribe:

To advertise:

To submit articles:

We also welcome your help with the growing of this community and movement.  On the Plant Healer website you will soon find downloadable banners for linking to, a general Plant Healer PDF Invite to kindly send out to your mailing list, and a color Plant Healer poster we hope you might print out and post in appropriate places.  And thank you, too, for forwarding this announcement.  Much appreciated.

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