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Student Alert: Surprisng Substances that Improve Memory

Posted Dec 29 2008 4:59pm
During my many years in school I often found my memory lacking when I needed it most. The fragile nature of my memory became evident during the dreaded final exams and other important "assessments" of student learning. So naturally, I worked on developing my memory which included taking caffeine, getting enough sleep and working to understand rather than just memorizing information. I even tried good ole Ginko Biloba which really didn't help me.

It has recently been found that memory improvement results from ingesting some surprisingly delicious foods. These include tea, wine and oh yes, chocolate.

Researchers from Oxford and Norway examined the intake of tea, wine and chocolate in 2,031 people aged 70-74. They found that those who consumed these foods had higher scores on tests of cognitive performance.

The key to enhanced memory may lie in molecules called polyphenols which are found in these foods. One class of polyphenols are the flavinoids which have also been shown to decrease the incidence of dementia.

So I don't think it would be going too far to assume that these results would transfer to students, especially those of the older variety.

This doesn't mean that one should overindulge. Yes, moderate alcohol consumption has been linked to a decrease in Alzheimer's disease but too much alcohol is associated with in increase in dementia and a number of other problems.

So next time your study group meets at your house, bring out the chocolates, wine and tea and crank up your memory.

Peace and Healing,

Dr. Bruce

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University of Oxford (2008, December 24). Chocolate, Wine And Tea Improve Brain Performance.
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