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Stretching Yourself

Posted Jan 10 2012 10:32am



Waking up this morning I was reminded to stretch. Moving my office around yesterday I made the mistake of trying to re-arrange furniture that was too heavy. It was no time before this pain shot through my lower back going toward my left hip and I KNEW it wasn’t a good sign. Immediately I applied healing essential oils, took a few ibuprofen, and headed to the recliner. I reapplied the deep healing essential oils several more times in the evening and as I went to bed. This morning only a faint reminder of uncomfortable muscles remained, and a good stretch really helped out.

Where do you need to stretch? There are several definitions of stretch, but this one on the free online dictionary is the meaning I am looking for: To extend or enlarge beyond the usual or proper limits. Basically I am talking about going outside of your box to stretch.


 Getting in a habit of moving when you haven’t been moving can be a STRETCH for many of you. Start by actually stretching when you first get out of bed. While you are cooking, consider a few deep breathing exercises followed by nice stretching Yoga poses. Stretch, and as you do: reach beyond the area that is comfortable for you. Get in the habit! This type of movement only takes a few moments. It adds up as you practice it more and more each day! It gets your blood flowing and the oxygen moving!


 STRETCH your mind! Get outside of your comfort zone and pick up a good book that will stretch your mind. Are you use to reading only fiction? Pick up a good personal development book. I am enjoying “Aspire” by Kevin Hall, a gift for Christmas. Each chapter is focused on a word that will really help you stretch your mind.

Setting Goals

Pick a few areas where you want to see growth and set goals. However, you need small steps in reaching those goals. STRETCH that goal. Make sure your plan to get there doesn’t become overwhelming. Remember, small steps can lead to permanent change! Get involved with a group coaching program for accountability!


 What can you do to STRETCH emotionally today? Look around you and see what you can do for someone else. It can be as simple as giving an encouraging word to a friend on Facebook. Pick up the phone and be encouraging to someone who you know can benefit from encouragement. Look outside yourself. YOU may be going through a hard time but you will ALWAYS be encouraged when you give of yourself to someone else!


STRETCH yourself spiritually. Find that quiet place and spend time in prayer and meditation. Find a scripture that ministers to you and write it out. Place it where you can refer to it often today. Open up your journal and write what is on your heart. STRETCH yourself by writing! Share your article with friends. When you become authentic (being real), you never know who you will touch with the power of your words.

 So the idea for today is STRETCH. Go just outside your comfort zone! It’s not a GOOD stretch unless you FEEL it! I would love to know what you are going to do today to STRETCH yourself! Please leave a comment below and share what you are going to do today to go beyond your box!



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