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Stress Relief for Today’s Businesswoman

Posted Sep 23 2009 12:54pm

How is life treating you? Many women feel pressured by a combination of home and work demands — responsibility that creates a lot of stress.

According to an American Psychological Association online study77% of those polled said they experienced physical symptoms of stress during the prior month; 73% experienced psychological stress during that same time frame. If you’re experiencing stressyou’re not alone.

Enter an ancient art and medical practice called hypnotherapy. Hypnosis and hypnotherapy have been around for as long as people have been sharing stories to encourage or inspire others. It remains a simplecost effectiveevidence based tool that is far underused.

Can hypnosis help you? Probably.

Firsthypnotherapy is fabulous for reducing stress. Most stress has an external component-what is going on outside of you- and all stress has an internal response- how you respond. Emotions are created by the subconscious mind and not totally within your control.

For instanceif you watch a sad moviedo you choose to cry? Not usually. It just happens. It’s the emotion that our subconscious chooses based on our past experiences.

Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool to reframe your past simply and easily and allow you to experience relaxation even in the face of challenges.

Takefor instancethe female executive responsible for 125 employees who sought help for managing stress. Supported by three group hypnotherapy sessionsshe was able to accomplish the very unpleasant task of staffing cutbacks and remain appropriately relaxed.

Another young woman who sought help for PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) experienced positive changes in every aspect of her life. After 15 years of traditional psychotherapy with minimal resultshypnotherapy was able to allow her to sleep at nightdrive a car without fearenhance her public speaking abilitiessuccessfully change careers and become financial successful.

We create a belief system based on our experiences and then build a protective barrier around our beliefs. Hypnotherapy relaxes that barrier allowing limiting beliefs to be changed and reducing the emotional impact of challenging experiences we’ve had. The process is simple and comfortable. In a quietsafe settingthe hypnotherapistacting somewhat like a tour guidespeaks using a calming tone and carefully chosen words. Past events may be reframed; direct suggestion may be used. The barrier is bypassed and changes happen.

It is important to remember that your beliefs control your actions and accomplishments. Ifin the back of your mindyou have negative beliefs about sales peopleyour sales success will be limited. If you have experienced embarrassment speaking to othersyour public speaking abilities are impacted. Converselyif you believe you are capableknowledgeable and hugely successfulyou will be. If you feel you are worthyyou will fulfill your potential.

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