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Starting with a Clean Slate

Posted Feb 09 2011 11:24am
Once again, I find myself pushing the mental restart button and focusing anew on my 50 raw diet.  What happens?  I don't fall off the wagon with a thump.  I stray, gently at first.  I allow myself a treat or two, then start craving more and more, until the treat becomes a daily need. Suddenly I realize that I'm not feeling well and eating nothing but junk food. Restart! Restart!

I don't care how long you've been dieting or studying nutrition. When it comes to your own diet and health, it's always hard to follow a food plan.  A man that I know who never had a weight problem was instructed by his doctor to lose 40 pounds.  He has always been very critical of overweight people and has made some remarks about my need to drop a few pounds too.  Now that he's dieting and counting calories, fat and fiber grams daily, he's suddenly realizing it's not that easy to lose weight. He said to me last week, "All this work....and I am losing on average half a pound per week!"

It was so tempting to say "Yeah - shoe's on the other foot now, right?" But I didn't.  I acted like the cheerleader I am at heart, telling him, "Yes, but that's at least half a pound LESS than you were last week!"

Face it, it's easier to cheer others on than to take care of ourselves.  The body is, however, the temple of the spirit, and if I want to be around for a long, long time to share my spirit with write, and give, and learn....I need to restart.

Restart, refocus, reform.  That's my mantra for the day.

What do I mean by the "50 Raw Diet"?
The 50 raw diet: each meal features 50% raw (uncooked, fresh organic fruits or vegetables) foods, or the daily balance is 50% raw.  Today, breakfast was 50% raw fruits, lunch will be nearly 100% (large raw food salad), and dinner is cooked foods (spaghetti planned). 

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