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Spirituality Nourishes too

Posted Nov 29 2010 3:30pm

By Carol Harblin (CHHC)

Thanksgiving is over, and we have been with our families and friends. We have been fed with food, our friends/families, and now it's time to be nourished with spirituality.

Sometimes we have to recognize our spiritual energy. Have you fed your body spiritually?

It is as important as eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It is as important as getting fed through being with family and friends, activities, and even through your career. Spirituality is another primary food for your healthy body.

Recognizing that there is a higher power greater than yourself is the first step. When people go to church or temple they are feeding their bodies and soul too.

Look at your there any area that is sacred just for your spirituality? It is important to have a serene space that will feed you spiritually just as a kitchen will feed your stomach. Your job feeds your mentality, and your activities feed your energy and athletic side. So where is your corner of your home you can retreat to and feel serene and at peace?

What would be there in that space?

  • Zen garden
  • candles
  • self-help books (or any other spirituality books)
  • journal
  • photos of your God (i.e. Jesus, Mohammed, etc)

Basically anything that will bring you peace that is NON technological. So anything that is electrical would be banned from this space. Technology and electronics can take away your spirituality and your soul. Your soul needs to be fed and rebooted and replenished completely without that other kind of energy interfering. Healing is seen as a specific process and also a sacred process. Wellness clinics and healing centers are quiet and don't usually allow cell phones or any other mode of technology (with the exception of soft music).

Feed your soul and heal from within. Make a special corner in your world that is reserved for spirituality healing. Savor the quiet and immerse yourself in the solitude of that space.

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