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speech problem

Posted by penguin

I am suffering from an onset of difficulty speaking.  Similar to what people who have a mini stroke go through.  3 years ago was the first incident, 2 years ago , the second.  This evening it came on again.  I have gone to the hospital on the other 2 occassions, but the tests did not reveal that I had a stroke.  At the time they thought it was a reaction from a medicine I was on but I have not taken this medicine for over 2 years now.  I am not on any medicine from the same group.

What other factors could be causing this?  I do not have a droop to either side of my face but can not physically form words or project sound clearly.  The other 2 times I got better in less than a week.  Since I have gotten better relatively quickly, I do not think the doctors feel the problem is severe enough to research it fully.  Any suggestions on what this might be?

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i would suggest getting with a practitioner you trust and give them a complete health history so they can better evaluate your case.
With so little information it's hard to say what could be causing the symptoms, but are there any things that lead up to these events? Stressful period of your life? Any big transitions going on? New activites you integrated into your life? Any other physical symptoms paired with the speech problem?
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