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Sodium in Foods–Part 3–Cheese

Posted Feb 17 2012 11:00am

I knew this fact, but didn’t. One of the foods that I adore and perhaps you as well, is loaded with sodium. Cheese ranks number seven on the primary contributors to sodium in the American diet, accounting for about four percent of the average consumption.

The amount of sodium varies widely. It doesn’t matter if it’s natural or processed. The sodium is still there. As with processed meats, salt is inherent in the process. It is needed to intensify flavors and do its anti-microbe job. Consider some facts about salt and cheese.

  • One oz. of cheddar cheese, 174 mg
  • One oz. of grated Parmesan, 433 mg
  • One oz. of fresh Mozzarella, 45 mg

The concern lies in the fact that Americans consume over twice as much sodium as recommended. Health risks increase, including high blood pressure and heart disease. Considering that a sandwich contains three items on the top ten list of sodium-containing foods, it’s hard to decide what is a good lunch.

The key is minimally processed. With processing comes salt. Looking back over the figures above, fresh Mozzarella stands out for it low sodium content. Despite this, it is still a great foil for a splash of balsamic vinegar and some sliced tomatoes.

If you’ve ever dieted, you know all about counting calories. Perhaps you followed the  Sodium in Foods  Part 3  Cheese for a time and counted carbs. Why not make the same habit when it comes to sodium? Your window for a safe intake is 1,500 to 2,300 mg, depending upon your risk factors. Sodium is listed on labels to help you track it and make good choices. Your decision can improve your quality of life and your health.

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