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Snow Moon

Posted Feb 10 2009 10:21am
Snow Moon
By Tara Sutphen

This Full Snow Moon has an eclipse on February 9, 2009 at 20* Leo, culmination 11:50 PST. The eclipse will be an Appulse, where the penumbra, partial illumination or a shrouding occurs of the moon. An eclipse occurs because the moon and sun are close to the moon's nodes. They align with earth to cast a shadow. The moon crosses the ecliptic or the path of the sun across the sky and against the background stars.

The moon this month is about the expression of self and addressing masks. Observations of reactions and temperament, knowing your comfort level. What masks might you be wearing to feel reasonable with and around others, which masks are false or even phony. Awareness can stop the missteps, cease wasting your time, focusing upon what makes your life function. Emerging into becoming more meaningful, supportive of self, and taking notice of reinventing relationships, friends, family, activities, career, health and happiness. Moving your attitude toward the productive force instead of self sabotage.

Write in a journal or choose a few masks to analyze about yourself. Looking to uncover quirks, hidden feelings, strengths, and/or weaknesses. Here are a few to start with, many are not included in the collection.

sad mask, naive mask, helpless mask, nervous mask, Shy mask, Over controlling mask, over capable mask, passionate mask, loud mask, insincere mask, jealous mask, leadership mask, crazy mask, comedy mask, congenial mask, uncooperative mask, anger mask, frustration mask, fear mask, anxiousness mask, worry mask, lack of barriers mask, intellectual mask, unreasonable mask, deep character mask, shallow mask, imprisoned mask, nice mask, can't say no mask, the spiritual mask, in control mask, out of control mask, being needed mask, perfectionist mask, slob mask, rebellious mask, material mask, beauty mask, ugly mask, mean mask, hateful mask, no trying mask, over risking mask, under risking mask, overly loving mask, cheerful mask, everything is always ok mask, desperate mask, needy mask, beggar mask, manipulation mask, manipulator mask, sober mask, lying mask, envy mask, dishonest mask, ignorant mask, avoid mask, commitment mask, earnest mask, security mask, broken promises mask, promises mask, antagonist mask, protagonist mask, angel mask, devil mask, follower mask, organizer mask, ally mask, good intention mask, neglectful mask, scorn mask, better than thou mask, rejection mask, bitter mask, skeptic mask, contempt mask, disbeliever mask, believer mask, praise mask, insecure mask, pride mask, sexy mask, dominant mask, subordinate mask

You often see what you don't like in others, but what don't you like in yourself? Are you cringing? When are you most authentic? The masks you wear can be stimulated with certain people, or situations and instigated in your workplace, inside home or only outside home. Do you change your personality to fit your needs in a given moment? Are you comfortable mixing with others or by yourself? What masks seem effective for you? What disguise do you think you need? Energy unblocks when you open yourself for gentle but objective criticism. You want to form judgement on what no longer serves you in life. With an eclipse there is something being taken away or left behind. Choose to leave behind the unreal parts of you.
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