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Snacks for a flat belly

Posted Aug 04 2008 7:15pm

The time for a 100 crunches a day is finally over.

A Spanish research team has found that certain types of food actuallyremovesbelly fat. It removes not only the visual fat that we see on our stomachs but also thedangerous fat around our intestines.

Surprisingly, the food is:


Mono unsaturated fats

Who would have thought that fat would hold the key to a fat stomach. So don't worry aboutlow fatanymore go forright fatinstead.

Loose weight fast

One thing about foods that are high in mono unsaturated fats is that they are great assnacks. Always keep a bag of raw nuts in your purse, your car and your office drawer. Munch on marinated olives in front of the TV. And eat avocados and guacamole as often as you can.

Here are ideas for 7 days of flat tummy snacks. Eat them during the day or in the evening, maybe in front of the TV.

Snacking is healthy! Just watch what you snack on.

7 days of healthy snacks:

  • Monday:½ cup of peanuts and 1 apple
  • Tuesday:Rye bread and mashed avocado (mash the avocado with a fork and spread on your sandwich)
  • Wednesday:Herring on whole wheat toast topped with halved cherry tomatoes
  • Thursday:1/2 cup of pistachio nuts and 1 banana
  • Friday:Marinated olives, your favorite raw nuts and some cucumber pickles.
  • Saturday:Baby carrots withguacamoledip.Try Leslie's recipe with greatinstructions.
  • Sunday:Flat stomach smoothie:½ cup of natural yogurt, 200 grams frozen berries, ½ banana, 1 tablespoon rolled oats, 4 cup of your favorite juice, a pinch of natural vanilla.

If you are very serious about getting a flat tummy fast you might want to look at your whole diet. I suggest that you follow theseflat tummy diet guidelines:

  1. Eat plenty of mono unsaturatedfats
    • Olives and olive oil
    • Avocado and avocado oil
    • Oats
    • Raw nuts
    • Lin seeds and linseed oil
    • Sesame seeds and sesame seed oil
    • Herring
  2. Choosewhole grainproducts. The dietary fibers will ensure a good digestion and remove bloating
  3. Eat as muchfresh fruits and vegetablesas you can. They will give you plenty of nutrients without a lot of calories
  4. Add somemeat and fishto provide you with proteins to give you a full feeling.
  5. Avoid sugar, white flour, white rice and alcohol.

The TRUTH about six pack ABS

Here's the REAL truth about losing belly fat & getting a flat stomach…


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