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Sleep Deprived Drivers Are Just ...

Posted Jan 14 2009 7:37pm

Sleep Deprived Drivers Are Just as Dangerous as Drunk Drivers

Are you getting enough sleep?

Do you fall asleep easily, and stay asleep for several hours?

Or do you toss and turn, repeatedly waking up throughout the night, and feeling bone-tired when morning comes?

Recent studies show that sleep deprived people are every bit as dangerous as drunken drivers.

And it's not just on the road, either.

Sleep deprived people have more accidents at home, at work and in general.

They're also more prone to sickness and disease.

And obviously they don't function as well or think as well as people who get a good night's sleep.

So it's not hard to imagine that people who don't sleep well probably don't get as many promotions and raises. Not to mention the added stress they endure from all the consequences of always being tired.


Really, if there was a simple, no-drug solution to getting a good night's rest, wouldn't you grab it IMMEDIATELY?

With Sleep Tracks, all you do is listen, and the recordings lull your brain into restful slumber.
You wake up refreshed, rejuvenated and feeling great!
For the scientific explanation of how it works, click here... Sleep Tracks

When I first posted my message about Sleep Tracks, I have to be honest...I had no idea of the kind of response I would get! Apparently, NOT getting a good night's rest is a problem that MANY people face.

Here are a few questions I received...

Q. "Is this as easy as taking a sleeping pill?"

A. No. Nor is it as dangerous to your well-being, or as disruptive to your normal sleep patterns.Did you know that people who take sleeping pills have a 25% higher risk of getting cancer??!

Sleep Tracks works WITH your body, not against it.

Sleep Tracks is healthy and safe, and has long-lasting positive effects.

And in addition to listening to the sleep tracks, it's also recommended that you implement some of the suggestions in the Optimal Sleep course included in the program.

Q. "How long does it take to get results?"

A. Everyone is different, so results may vary. Many people start to see changes in the first few days, some the very first night.

Even though your brain is being conditioned from the very first day, it might take a few days or weeks before you see big, marked improvements.

Training your brain is like exercise; the more you exercise, the more of a difference you'll see.

Q. "What's wrong with just taking sleeping pills for my insomnia?"

A, Sleeping pills are poison, they're addictive, and they severely disrupt your sleep system.

Here's a FREE ebook that will tell you everything you ever need to know about the very real consequences of taking sleeping pills...

Frankly, I think they should be outlawed immediately. But drug cartels have pull with the government. I don't.

So if you've been taking sleeping pills for a long time, your body will need some time to rid itself of the toxic residues, and your brain will also need some time to realign itself.

Q: "I'm taking sleeping pills right now. Can I still useSleep Tracks?"

A: Yes. Using the Sleep Tracks will help you regain sound sleeping patterns.

It's recommended by experts that you taper off gradually on the sleeping pills to reduce or prevent withdrawal effects.

Q. "How does Sleep Tracks work?"

A. In a nutshell, scientists have found that different brainwave "frequencies" are associated with different mental states.

They've also discovered that the brain will "mimic" the frequencies it hears. So if you listen to the right frequencies, it will cause your brain to go to sleep.

To get the full details of exactly how Sleep Tracks works, and why it is the healthiest solution out there for finally getting the sleep you deserve.... Sleep Tracks

I know from experience how miserable it is to just lay there, wishing and trying in vain to go to sleep. I also know what it's like to toss and turn all night, and wake up feeling MORE tired than when you went to bed.

And the rest of the day is spent just trying to get through it, so that you can go back to bed and try again (usually in vain) to get a good night's sleep.
But I've used brainwave entrainment sleep tracks, and they worked wonders for me!
I was especially amazed because my mind goes on instant alert when I wake in the middle of the night and I usually can't get back to sleep.

So when you do get a good night's sleep and you feel more refreshed and alert, people take notice and ask what you've been up to. Wouldn't you want to tell them and share the good news that they can do the same for themselves?

Isn't it time you tried?

Sleep Tracks
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