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Simple Meal, Super Benefits

Posted Sep 16 2010 6:00am

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Was Goldilocks justified– from a health perspective– when she ate some of the steaming hot porridge that sat on the table in the Three Bear’s home?  Rice Porridge is one of the staple foods of the Soto Sect of Buddhism.

Master Dogen Zenji, the storied carrier of Buddhism from the continent to the island of Japan, was a strict adherent to Buddhist principles and laid these principles out in his religious tracts that the Soto Sect follows to this day.  One of the chants mouthed at formal mealtime is one extolling the benefits of Rice porridge:

Rice Porridge has ten benefits
Therefore it is rich in benefits to the practitioner
Its rewards are boundless, leading ultimately to ease and joy

According to Master Dogen, here are ten benefits of rice porridge:

  1. Gives the body healthy color
  2. Increases strength
  3. Does not sit heavy on the stomach
  4. Extends life
  5. Makes the voice clear
  6. Aids digestion
  7. Prevents colds
  8. Relieves hunger
  9. Relieves thirst
  10. Aids excretion

Rice Porridge (congee in some Asian countries, O-Kayu or Zen-gayu in Japan) is simply a rice and water meal that has a 5:1 ratio.  Adding barley to the rice component would give it an even healthier profile and also put a very traditional Japanese spin on it.

We challenge you to build a simple recipe into your lifestyle and see the benefits flow.

Do you think a simple recipe such as rice porridge could extend the above benefits?  Does this apply to rice porridge only?   What do you think?

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