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Side Effects of Red Bull with Alcohol

Posted Apr 01 2010 3:05am

Energy drinks such as Red Bull seem to be the new rage.  An even newer rage is mixing them with alcohol.  This can have side effects that you might never think of.

Side Effects of Red Bull with alcohol

The Beneficial Side Effects of Red Bull with Alcohol

Alcohol is a depressant and Red Bull is a stimulant, this unlikely combination appears to be taking over the night club scene.  The theory is that the stimulant effects of Red Bull counter act the depressant effects which cause drowsiness of alcohol.  So the good news is, you can stay up and party later than normal, but that is all the good news there is.  Where there is good news, there is usually bad news however.

The Harmful Side Effects of Red Bull with Alcohol

Mixing Red Bull with Alcohol can mask the amount of alcohol you have actually consumed.  You may not feel the effects because of the stimulant effects the Red Bull is producing.

This does not mean that you can pass the breath test if you are stupid enough to get in your car and drive. But not feeling the effects of the alcohol can make you do just that, get in your car and drive. The alcohol still accumulates in your blood and you can easily surpass the legal limits for both driving and for your health. This can be very dangerous.

The mixture of these two drinks can cause you and your loved ones to not recognize the full extent of your intoxication.  This puts you and them in danger of making some really bad decisions.  These bad decisions can lead to DUI charges, health issues and even death.  There have been traffic fatalities related to the mixture of energy drinks and alcohol, if this happens to you, you could be facing more than just DUI charges if you cause the death of someone while driving.

Side Effects of Red Bull and Alcohol on the Body

The caffeine from the Red Bull and the Alcohol both has dehydrating effects.  Being dehydrated slows down your body’s ability to metabolize the alcohol, increasing the toxicity.  You are at a high risk for alcohol poisoning.

You may not realize how dehydrated and impaired you are until the effects wear off.  When this happens you can have severe vomiting, headache, body aches and diarrhea.

The food and drug administration has not investigated the full effects of energy drinks on the body.

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