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Shoulder Sprain

Posted Mar 20 2008 11:15am
Shoulder pain is another topic I could address with numerous entries. Today I'll write about shoulder pain that originates from the back side of the body. This type of shoulder pain is usually one-sided and is located at the highest part of the shoulder. This type of injury probably happened with repetitive motion and gives the patient the urge to draw the shoulder up close to the ear.

We call this place a scapular attachment site and it is prone to sprain or strain. The scapular attachment originates at the medial border of the scapula and attaches to the levator scapula muscle, one of the muscles responsible for the ability to shrug your shoulders. Sprain or strain in this location will most likely feel like a dull throbbing pain and in some cases travel up the neck into the base of the skull. With palpation, it is easy to feel the tension in the scapular attachment.

I, of course, recommend acupuncture for sprain or strain of the scapular attachment. I also like to recommend keeping the area warm, refraining from exercise and not performing any activity that requires you to repeatedly reach your arms above shoulder height. The amount of time it takes to heal sprain or strain of the scapular attachment depends on how long the patient has suffered and his/her behavior during the course of treatment.

I look forward to your questions and comments.

Thanks for reading.
Tamara ZumMallen
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