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Self harm on the increase - Alternative Medicine can help

Posted Dec 20 2008 6:39pm

self-harm-help Self harm on the increase - Alternative Medicine can help Self-harm is on the increase and a recent survey by the mental health charity ‘Sane’ has suggested that self-harm isn’t just a problem for teenage girls.

The survey questioned around 1,000 people who had a self-harm history and 10% of respondents were male.

Researchers believe that boys are more likely to conceal their self-harm with the most common methods being: cutting, scratching, burning, bruising and overdosing.

And self-harm isn’t exclusively teenagers, many people who took part in the survey said they continued to self-harm into their fifties. Over half of all respondents had been harming for over five years with a quarter for a minimum of 11 years.

Self-harm appears to take place on a daily basis for around 200 people on the survey and for 300 respondents on a weekly bases.

Self-harm has been seen as a way to seek attention but this latest survey suggests self-harm is generally hidden from family and friends for fear of the impact it will have on loved ones. Just one person in eight claimed that they self-harm so others will take notice and care.

This is backed up by the areas of the body in which self-harm is carried out. Many people choose places that can be easily hidden. Of those surveyed, the common areas to self harm came out as arms (83%), legs (50%) and stomach (19%).

Self-harm, while not a precursor to suicide, was for many a way of alleviating suicidal thoughts. Sane found that many people who had been admitted to A&E for self-harm injuries were sent home with no follow-up care.

As figures for self-harm increase (up by a third in five years), professional care should be sought to treat the underlying causes. Alternative medicine and complementary therapy methods can help people who self-harm.

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