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Saigon Cinnamon and Madagascar Vanilla

Posted Nov 07 2008 2:20pm

No, neither are local (unless you live in Madagascar or Saigon), but self-forgiveness may come swiftly after you taste these culinary treasures.

Saigon Cinnamon (It has a nice ring to it...say it a couple of times)

Saigon Cinnamon has traditionally been considered the finest quality cinnamon due to the fact that the oil content runs higher on average than the other types. Saigon has a distinctly sweet flavor as compared to the Indonesian types. The color is darker than the Indonesian as well.

Lots of anti-oxidants

Of all the spices, cinnamon is one of the richest in anti-oxidants.

Delicious and helps with diabetes

Studies have shown that people with type 2 diabetes that have as little as 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon a day can help lower the risk of high blood cholesterol, triglyceride and glucose levels by 10-30 percent.

Like insulin for blood sugar

This is due to cinnamon's insulin-like effects. The anti-oxidants in cinnamon increase the amounts of the three key proteins that are important in insulin signalizing, glucose transport and inflammatory response.

Take a whiff and perk up

Other research has focused on cinnamon's role in improved cognitive function. Studies have shown that just smelling cinnamon can boost performance and alertness, stimulate the brain and cut fatigue.

Costco now carries huge shakers of Saigon Cinnamon.


Madagascar Vanilla

I can't believe it has taken me so long to discover Madagascar Vanilla. It is absolutely delicious and definitely a cut (or two or three or four cuts) above regular vanilla.

I suggest keeping your regular vanilla around for baking, but in any situation where you would actually taste the vanilla (I will soon be posting a Wild Rice Pudding that has vanilla in it where you definitely taste it), use this one. You won't be sorry.

I got this one at a health food store with a fairly wide selection of natural extracts.


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