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Sac Lac: Homeopathy's Placebo Remedy

Posted Aug 26 2010 1:58pm
This is a humorous post because many people believe that homeopathy is placebo, that all the remedies are nothing, and all are placebos. This is  false. We have our own placebo remedy that IS essentially................... NOTHING.

We call it  SAC LAC.    It's a sugar pellet, the same placebo that pharmaceuticals use, when they do clinical trials. I have never used Sac Lac in my practice. Our remedies are made by pouring the remedy in liquid form over sugar pellets. In SAC LAC we just give the sugar pellets.

I can tell you in my experience, many homeopaths give sac lac, and it annoys patients to no end when they paid for the session only to be given ..........NOTHING. They want a medicine, not a placebo. This is another reason why homeopaths do not like to tell patients what remedy they are taking.

Why is Sac Lac used? Some homeopaths want to create a placebo effect on their patients to see what they will say the following month. To see the state of the patient more clearly. If you give a patient NOTHING, so there is NO energetic effect, and the patient comes back the next month and starts complaining about aggravations, bad dreams, or physical anomalies that aren't real. Then we can see the persons REAL state. It's good for chronic liars, or people that feed off of complaining. Sac Lac will be able to pull that out.  

I can see it's validity. I have seen patients in my clinic that demand a new remedy everytime they come in. This could be a good use for Sac Lac. People that demand a constant change in remedy hold the belief that says  "nothing works", hey if "nothing works" then Sac Lac could be the REMEDY FOR THEM !!  (Homeopathic humour).

Other uses are when the remedy the person is ON is still showing a healing effect and homeopaths do not want to give more medicine and potentially aggravate the patients condition.

Lindsay Tietz, Homeopathic Doctor
Owner  Intention to Heal
Proudly Serving the Danforth Area Directly
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