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Restless Leg Syndrome and Sleep Apnea

Posted Apr 07 2009 11:35pm 1 Comment

My husband was just telling me a story about a colleague who went to his doctor complaining of restless leg syndrome.  Instead of prescribing a drug, the doc wisely told this healthy young man he needed a sleep study.

He went to the sleep lab where he was initially ignored since he looked so healthy the techs thought he was the son of a patient.  They did finally admit him and start the study.

The sleep study was interrupted very early by a technician who put this man on a C-Pap (machine that forces air into the airway) because “We don’t want you dying here”.  Wow.  If you feel tired during the day, snore, wake up during the night with a “Panic attack”, are overweight please consider being evaluated for sleep apnea.  Sleep apnea is very dangerous but easily managed with either a dental appliance or C-Pap machine. Here’s a link with more information Sleep Apnea Information.

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I am 62, and began Mirapex when it was NOT marketed for RLS, in fact my physician had never heard of using it for RLS, but nothing else had worked & I felt as though I was going insane...I was even experiencing PLM & this had been going on for over 3 years, progressively worsening.  He thankfully listened to me, started me on a low dose & I slept peacefully for the first time in over 3 years that night!  For me it is a miracle drug & the initial side effects were inconsequential compared to my constant suffering with RLS!  Now I am unaware of any side effects at all, and my daily dose after all these years is 0.5mg twice daily.  Thank God for this medication!  A few years ago I tried Requip and experienced horrible side effects...immediately returning to Mirapex, "old faithful" for me.

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