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Reiki Ideals: Emotional Discipli ...

Posted Jan 14 2009 7:41pm

Reiki Ideals: Emotional Discipline

The Reiki ideals are a prescription for living with grace and abundance. Feel the abundance around you.

After his spiritual experience on Mt. Kuriyama, Dr. Usui began working with the Reiki healing energy. He then developed five ideals for "the secret for inviting happiness." All five ideals revolve around a belief in living in the present moment, in the now. They are usually written in English as:

Just for today, do not anger.
Just for today, do not worry.
Just for today, work hard (interpreted as meditative practice).
Just for today, be kind to every living thing.
Just for today, be grateful.

The two extremes of this archetype are equanimity and over/underreaction. When we repress our emotions, we become sick physically, emotionally, or spiritually. When we live at this end of the continuum, we do not even acknowlege or recognize our emotions, let alone express them. Anger, worry, and feelings of scarcity will be acted out if we do not acknowledge and express them or if we are prone to the emotional outbursts that injure everyone around us, and ourselves, and we do nothing to solve the problem. We must move to the center and express our emotions appropriately, realistically, and with care.

Equanimity or emotional discipline is not obedience or punishment.

Discipline, instead, is training. Emotions can be trained to serve our spirituality. If our emotions are not disciplined or trained, we become confused about spiritual principles in our lives. Once we have our emotions in hand, we are free to develop ourselves spiritually.

Observe your behavior for the next week. See how often you are able to live in the moment, in the now. Notice whether you are living in some past that you can't let go of, or in some future you can't control.

REFLECT on whether your emotions are in alignment with your soul. Soul is soft and gentle in his/her responses to others and his/herself. If you are excessive or inhibited in any of the ways described in the five ideals, you are being asked to change your response.

Reflection on abundance will help you.

Try this: There is a simple way to align with the life force so as to feel the abundance around you. Stand for three minutes, feet apart, arms and hands outstretched to your sides, left palm up and right palm down. The ki energy surrounding you enters your left palm and flows through the heart and solar plexus, charging your entire body, with the surplus flowing out through your right hand.

Morning will bring a surge of energy, evening will bring relaxation. Now focus your entire attention on being successful in all you do and abundant in all you are.

AFFIRM with feeling: "Just for today, I am peaceful, calm, kind, devoted, and grateful for all the abundance in my life."


* You are going on a special journey, a journey of love and peace. You are going to a special, spiritual mountain far away. It is to be a long and arduous trip on which you will encounter many obstacles and difficulties. You must be well prepared and well rested in order to undertake such a journey of truth.

* Just before you embark, you realize that you are carrying five bags. In fact, it seems to you that you've always carried these bags. Then you get the inner guidance that it is time to open these bags and see what is inside.

* You open them one at a time. In the first bag you find your anger. All the strong anger, smoldering resentments, bitter disappointments, small irritations that have grown big over time, and wrathful rage bent on vengeance are in this bag. You make the conscious decision to empty this bag. You find a cliff and toss the contents of the bag, followed by the bag itself, over the side. You feel a little lighter. But there are four more bags.

* You open the second bag and inside you see all your petty worries, your immobilizing fears, your nagging concerns that have grown over the years into big fears and guilts. You make a conscious decision to empty the bag over another cliff. As you throw the bag over the cliff, you release all the fears that have been holding you back. You feel a lot lighter.

* In the third bag you find your reluctance to meditate properly and consistently. You find, inside this bag, your distractions, your idle chatter, your laziness, and all the other things that keep you from your Source. You quickly, without thinking, toss the entire bag over another cliff.

* There is a fourth bag to deal with now. In this bag you find all the living things, including parts of yourself, that you have been unkind to, disrespectful of, or have dishonored due to your own carelessness. All of these living things are weeping. You weep, too, as you take them out, one by one, and you caress and hold them, murmuring your regrets.

As they each feel better, they scamper off to where they belong; no longer are they confined by your unkindness to them. You feel so much better and so much lighter, you think you can move on now. But something is holding you back. The final bag.

* This, of course, is your bag of ingratitude. In it you find all of your complaints, your self-pity, your beliefs in scarcity. You fill this bag with gratitude for the abundance you've been given and leave the bag open for another person to find.

You are now free and joyous to continue your journey to the mountain. Peace and love follow you.

Archetypal Reiki, by Dorothy May

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