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Reflection on Summer

Posted Oct 03 2009 12:32pm

What a wonderful day. I’m spending the day in the comfort of our motor homein Meredith,  Lakes Region of New Hampshire. Rain is falling gently on the roof and I’m feeling very grateful as I contemplate the passage of timegrowthand the changing seasons.

Summer has transitioned into autumn. As shadows grow longerdays shorterair so cool and very clearI’ve been thinking about the summer that was filled with friendsfamilyfun and learning experiences.

Each Julywe have a family vacation at a kid friendly campground in FreedomNHDanforth Bay Campground. This July was no different. It’s so much fun watching the kids enjoy the swimmingkayakingbikingmaking tie dye shirts and roasting marshmallows over the campfiregetting so exhausted that they collapse into bed at night.

Then there was a beautiful August.   My friend Tobyinvited me to “Crew” on his sailboat. This must be a sign of desperation since sailing is totally new to me. I  love being on board the sailboat and I’m happy to pitch in to keep it moving forward. Butthere is a steep learning curve.

Toby has the idea that if I can drive a motor home on landI can sail his sailboat. It could be true. I’m not yet sure. There are some major differences. It’s a good thing that Toby is a very patient man.

The moment you set foot on the dock many things change. Ropes become “lines”. Words I’ve used for years such as “Rightleftbackfront” are just never heard. There are all sorts of fasteners for fendersstepsthose handles you switch from one side to the other depending on what sail you want to adjust. Nothing like driving.  Using what I learned in kindergartenI can just “stay in the lines” with the motor home. There are no “lines” in the ocean. Red and green corks bounce in the waves where the fog lines should be.  There are hundreds of lobster pots to dodge. Andwhile Toby raises the mainsailIt’s my job to aim the 30+feet of Sabre into the wind. While he is raising the jibmy assignment is to keep it heading any direction except into the wind. Can you guess how I know? Picture sitting totally still…. in irons? even more jargon. I offered to start the engine.  That seemed to be the wrong answer.

The joys and fun of summer have been replaced by the coolclear autumn airthe crispsweet taste of fresh applesand the promise of winter to come. I am cherishing this time to move forward with optimismhope and joy. I hope you are too.  There is always  next year to continue learning that new language and keep the Sabre on course.

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