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Recipe: Breakfast vegetable omelette

Posted Jun 03 2013 1:41am

This recipe has to be one of the most adaptable protein-based breakfast recipes ever. All you need are eggs, a little salt, a little oil, and a selection of starchy and non-starchy vegetables. If you have fresh herbs on hand that's even better. 

Ingredients (for each person)

- Two eggs

- pinch salt

- olive or grapeseed oil, about half a tablespoon

- 1/8 onion, sliced, or one raw spring onion

- about 100g starchy vegetables, already cooked.

- as much non-starchy vegetables as you want:  Mushrooms, capsicum, baby spinach

- fresh herbs if you have them on hand


1. Heat the pan, oil and saute the non starchy vegetables until softened 

2. When the vegetables are cooked, add your already cooked starchy vegetables to warm through.

3. Beat your eggs with a pinch of salt.

4. Just before you add the eggs to the pan, throw in a handful of fresh chopped herbs, or baby spinach leaves, or the spring onion.

5. As soon as you pour over the eggs, turn the heat to 'low' and cover the pan. 

6. When the eggs are set, your omelette is ready. Enjoy!


- Use leftover vegetables from last night's meal: leftover roast pumpkin, steamed sweet potato, or boiled baby potatoes are my favourite.

- To cook baby potatoes overnight, just drop them whole into a saucepan covered with water and bring to the boil. Turn the heat off, put a lid on and leave it alone. Your potatoes will be cooked 

- If using green spring onion, hold off adding it until just before you put the eggs in).

- If you're one of the I'm-too-busy-to-cook-in-the-morning brigade, cook your vegetable omelette the night before and refrigerate overnight. Instant healthy breakfast.

Combinations I like:

- Sweet potato, mushroom, red capsicum, and fresh parsley, with a dollop of ginger and mango chutney on the side.

- Baby potato with tuna and spring onion. If you eat dairy, some feta is nice with this.

- Leftover roast pumpkin with green peas and fresh thyme

Nutrition Notes

- A protein-based breakfast will give you more sustained energy, as the protein and good fats  take longer to digest than a carbohydrate-based breakfast like cereal.

- Always include some carbohydrate sources (i.e starchy vegetables), particularly if you have difficulties with blood sugar regulation.

If you like this recipe you might also like this recipe for zucchini fritters .

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