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Rabies: The Homeopathic Remedy

Posted Jul 07 2010 5:38am
The homeopathic remedy that is made from the saliva from a  rabid dog is called, lyssinum   Just for fun, what kind of patient do you think may need this remedy? If you think of how a dog behaves when subjected to this illness and transfer it onto a person then you have the right idea.

Think ANGER ISSUES. There are many homeopathic remedies for anger. It's the type of anger that someone feels. WHY they have it,  what triggers it, and how they express it that points to the remedy. The patient that needs RABIES  is someone that feels they are being constantly tormented,  needled, prodded, or harassed. They feel it very intensely and react with rage.

Rajan Sankaran a famous homeopath describes lyssinum in this way: "It is the state of a controlled animal, gone crazy, the dog that obeyed the master but was treated so badly that it lost all control, and jumped on and tore it's own master."

Human beings can experience the exact same situation, except with other human beings with whom they feel dependent on. A situation perhaps where the person feels they have been faithful to their partner, or parent, or boss, gets treated badly then lashes out at them. He cannot keep quiet about it, because this will lead to further abuse. But he will not lash out for long, against his/her aggressor, because after all he/she is dependent upon them, and must not lose everything. So we see an attacking then withdrawing form of anger. It is an uncontrolled frenzy, because they feel trapped, and not being able to get away. It can also be described as an acute insanity remedy.

On the physical plane, a patient needing rabies will also profusely salivate, with frothing and constantly needing to spit it out, coincidently enough. There is a very real fear of water, or pouring water aggravates the condition.

Lindsay Tietz, BSc, HD
Owner Intention to Heal
Homeopathic Medicine Practitioner and Holistic Nutrition Expert
Proudly Serving The Toronto Danforth Area Directly 


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