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Questions regarding a low white blood cell count

Posted by GrammyTZCM

My white blood cell count has ranged between 3600 and 4100 for at least 18 months, but has recently dropped to 3400 with no rational explanation.  Testing shows no autoimmune deficiencies.  A bone marrow biopsy was normal.  I take no medication except red yeast rice to control my cholesterol as my body dislikes statins.   All other blood factors related to my general health are really good.  I am allergic to some molds, dust, and dust mites.  On occasion I take 0.25 to 0.5 mg of xanax to sleep to relieve extreme tinnitus in both ears caused by an acoustic neuroma brain tumor if zoning out through meditation doesn't work.

Can red yeast rice be a culprit? 

Could a serious allergic reaction to a citanest injection for dental work four years ago which took months to work its way out of my system explain the drop in my white blood cell count?

Are there any ways to strengthen my white blood cell count?

Any insights would be most helpful.  Thanks!

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Hi!  Thank you so much for writing! I am relieved that your blood work only shows the drop in white cell count -- with no other serious or "scary" implications.   I am glad you that have ruled out the scary stuff but now we can proceed.   Acupuncture...and further, Traditional Chinese Medicine, boosts the immune function and can help your white count increase.  In fact, acupuncture and herb treatment are applied in cases where patients undergoing chemo and radiation.  Treatment then mitigates the side effects of the chemo and radiation, including fatigue, nausea, digestive disturbance --- and especially drops in white and red cell counts characteristic of this type of treatment.   I think it is worth a try in your case for these reasons.   Good luck!
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