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Quan Yin Healing Arts Center

Posted by Nirmala N.

In Buddhism, Quan Yin is the goddess of compassion and mercy. In San Francisco, she has been responsible for healing wellness seekers for more than two decades. The Quan Yin Healing Arts Center dispenses with frou-frou attitudes and platitudes and gets right to the nitty-gritty: Traditional Asian medicine need not be relegated to complementary or alternative care, and it can be accessible to a variety of populations — even the ones who know diddly about realigning their chis or chakras. The center offers a plethora of cost-effective services — including student discounts and hour-long massages for $51 — for everyone from harried businessfolk to the homeless and the mentally ill. As the first complementary wellness center to treat HIV-positive people back in 1984, Quan Yin has always been at the vanguard of the holistic health movement and offers a variety of similarly innovative programs ranging from cancer support to women's wellness. Whether you're looking for herbs, affordable massage therapy, acupuncture, nutritional counseling, or a place to unwind over tai chi and yoga, browse the center's extensive menu of services and choose your tonic. For more information, check out
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Crippled at Quan Yin healing arts center.

In December of 08 a masseur at Quan Yin named
Samuel Luo injured me from a massage.
Samuel applied traction to my neck with a towel after
stating that he had seen it done before.
The towel was wrapped around my neck and pulled
while griped in front of my ear.

The pain was immediate, and now I have had restricted motion and
constant unrelenting pain from Dec, 08,

Upon obtaining a photo copy of my records from Quan Yin, I
noted that the record of Samuel Luo having massaged me, had
been deleted.
This brings the ethics or the of  Quan Yin into question.

Samuel Luo crippled me, I was crippled at Quan Yin
Samuel Luo continued to work with Quan Yin after he injured me.
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