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Protein Promotes Rapid Weight Loss

Posted Jun 21 2010 11:32pm
By Ian Robinson 06/22/2010

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Protein Promotes Rapid Weight Loss

Power Up with Protein: Part Two of a Three-Part Series

Your glory days can still be ahead of you. You can reclaim the body you used to have. You can restore your health and fitness at any time. You just have to know how to re-program your biology. That doesn’t require expensive gimmicks or gym memberships. It just requires a solid understanding of the “macronutrient triangle”. Once you understand how the points fit together, you can balance your hormonal response. And once you balance your response, improved health and rapid weight loss will be yours.

But don’t think that cereal and bananas will help you lose weight. In truth, our grand parents had a better idea of healthy eating than the oatmeal-pushers and low-fat peddlers of today. You can lose weight and improve your health. And you can do it by eating the food you were meant to: the food, which frankly, you want to eat.

One of your greatest weight-loss foods is the one you’d least expect: red meat. Switching out corn flakes for a lean steak and eggs is a stepping stone to better fitness.

Protein in Action

Owsley Stanley is in his 70’s but has the body of a man half his age. When he was young he was fascinated by the Eskimos. And his fascination led him to a secret. A secret which gave him a lifetime of robust health and fitness.

He learned that certain Eskimos survived on meat and fish alone. Not just survived, but thrived. They were healthy and fit. Stanley – a legendary icon of the 60’s and 70’s – came to a conclusion that changed his life: if this diet worked for the Eskimos it might work for him. After trying out the diet, he became convinced that humans could thrive on a protein-heavy diet.

“I have eaten as a total carnivore for 48 years,” Stanley told the UK Independent. “I am nearly 72 and I have the same body I did at 30.”

Stanley took his carnivorous diet to an extreme; a balanced diet shouldn’t be based on meat and fish alone. But he proved one thing: a body thrives on protein. And a diet rich in protein can help you turn back the clock too.

Why Protein Promotes Weight Loss

Carbs and grains are a key factor in weight gain. For more information on why carbs build fat, check out part one .

But just as carbs contribute to weight gain, protein can help you to lose weight. That’s because protein powers up your metabolism like no other nutrient source. According to Dr. Sears(ii), eating protein “throws a metabolic switch and tells your body that it’s okay to burn fat.”

That’s because your body is primarily interested in your day-to-day survival. You gain weight because your body stores calories. It does this to protect against possible starvation at any future date. So to prevent this possibility, it stores calories as fat. That’s why a good portion of the carbs you eat gets stored as fat.

Protein on the other hand is your body’s premium source of energy. When you consume protein, you’re giving your body what it really needs: like Super Unleaded fuel. Your body doesn’t store protein as fat - it uses it all for energy.

When you consume protein, you’re giving your body what it needs for survival. If you start packing away protein in excess amounts, your body no longer worries about survival. It’s getting what it needs. And then it starts burning its fat stores. Suddenly the pounds are melting off on their own.

Protein: Your #1 Premium for Health

Protein helps you to lose weight. More important than that; it restores and builds better health.

That’s because protein is loaded with 20 amino acids. Eight of those are essential to your good health: your body can’t produce them and so you must consume them.

Protein is also your cellular building block: it makes up your hair and nails; it produces essential enzymes and hormones; it builds blood, bones, muscles… it even regenerates skin.

A recent German study proved the importance of protein. The results were published in the prestigious Journal of Nutrition. Researchers found that high protein diets boost antioxidants – critical to your health. They concluded that more protein equals higher antioxidants.

The third reason why protein plays such a crucial role in weight loss and health is because it doesn’t elevate your blood sugars. Regulated blood sugar levels balance insulin. If your insulin levels are balanced, you’re storing less fat.

“Protein is important because it balances your blood sugar,” says Dr. Mark Hyman. “The best way to control blood sugar and energy level throughout the day is by eating protein with every meal. It keeps a slow infusion of energy going through your system rather than being quickly absorbed.”

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Red Meat versus White

Protein powers up your fat-burning metabolism. And animal protein is a powerful source of protein. But it’s important to select meat that is healthful. That doesn’t necessarily mean eating white meat. There are many benefits to eating red meat, as demonstrated by several recent studies. Those studies reveal that red meat is loaded with essential vitamins and minerals.

A recent report concluded that red meat is loaded with iron, vitamin B12, and zinc. And there are further health benefits: it’s low in sodium and is not a major source of fat.

“The message is straightforward,” said Professor Geoffrey Cleghorn, an associate professor at Royal Children’s Hospital in Brisbane. “Iron is essential… and red meat is an important source of iron.”

“Lean red meat is a nutrient-dense food,” said Dr Katrine Baghurst. Dr. Baghurst is the leader of consumer science program at CSIRO Health Sciences and Nutrition in Adelaide. She added that red meat is good for “people who are looking for a healthy balanced diet that helps control their weight.”

Passing on Processed Protein

But that’s not to say you can eat any meat and expect good health. Sausages and bacon shouldn’t be on the menu: processed protein will only clog up your arteries.

Processed protein like pepperoni, deli meat, meatballs, hot dogs, and ham won’t promote good health, or weight loss. In fact a new Harvard study proves that processed meats increase your risk of bad health.

The researchers picked 20 relevant studies. That pool of research included 1,218,380 people from 10 countries on four continents (North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia). The results show that by eating processed meat, your risk of heart disease skyrockets by 42 percent. Your risk of type 2 diabetes increases by 19 percent.

“Most dietary guidelines recommend reducing meat consumption,” said study author Renata Micha. “Most prior studies did not separately consider the health effects of eating unprocessed red versus processed meats. This suggests that differences in preservatives… explain the higher risk of heart disease and diabetes seen with processed meats, but not with unprocessed red meats.”

Best Source of Protein

Red meat can be better than white meat. And processed meat should be strictly avoided. The best source of animal protein is this: natural, grass-fed meat.

A chicken may not have as much iron as a cow, but it will still be more healthful if it’s free-range and the cow is grain fed. That’s because animals are just like us. The quality of the meat changes if they are reared on grains and carbs. The meat is fatty, diseased, and full of chemicals.

A grain-fed animal is subjected to amoral and abnormal living conditions. It doesn’t get exercise and is forced to eat an unnatural diet – grains instead of grass. The animal winds up fat and diseased. Worse, it’s been reared on pesticides, herbicides, and hormones… and that’s the meat you end up eating.

That’s why you should avoid this diseased meat. It’s easy to secure premium protein. You just have to read the labels at the grocery store. You should purchase grass-fed red meat; free-range poultry; and cage-free eggs.

Lose Weight Now!

There is a tried-and-tested solution that will help you reach your weight loss goal in no time at all. It’s called Primal Lean and it’s doctor recommended.

“This may be the most remarkable weight-loss herb ever tested,” says Dr. Al Sears. “I stand by Primal Lean and guarantee your results.”

As you know, your hormones play a big part in weight gain. In part one of this series we discussed the hormonal chain reaction that links blood sugar levels to insulin, and insulin to weight gain.

But did you know that adiponectin controls your sensitivity to insulin? As you age, your levels drop… and you start piling on pounds. Raising your adiponectin levels restores your youthful fat-burning responses.

Did you also know that it’s not just insulin that contributes to weight gain? Another hormone - leptin – plays a pivotal role. Leptin is important because it controls your hunger. If your leptin levels get thrown off, you’re hungry all the time. Then you eat more. And then you’re packing on the pounds.

The good news is this: there’s a West African herb - Irvingia gabonensis (IG) (or Bush Mango as the natives call it) – that balances your leptin levels. That’s one of the vital ingredients in a natural, all-new weight-loss aid. Another ingredient also raises your adiponectin levels. This powerful supplement is called Primal Lean. It’s an effective way to get your hormones firing the way they did when you were young. It’s a powerful short-cut to weight loss and renewed vitality.

Find out more about Primal Lean .

In the concluding article of our three-part-series, we examine the “facts about fat” and discover the truth about the most maligned macronutrient… Why is butter better than margarine? Find out in part three.

Understanding the “macronutrient triangle” can help you lose weight. It’s a key factor in quick and healthy weight loss.  Understanding the triangle is your first step to balancing your hormones. And if you know how to balance your hormones you can restore youthful health and fitness. For a full report on rapid, healthy weight loss, check out the June edition of Natural Health Confidential .

To your health,

Ian Robinson,
Managing Editor, Total Health Breakthroughs

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