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Prostate: BPH and Increased PSA

Posted Jan 08 2010 6:09pm

Here is some info that I typed to a client, but thought is was good education for all:

As for inc urination at night, this can be due to a prostate enlargement, but also the organs hanging down off their ligaments (visceroptosis) pushing on the bladder, it can be from insulin resistance and the body not being able to absorb the water, it can be from being deficient in minerals, a urologicol (bladder infection) from bacteria or fungus, from drinking fluids close to bed time, caffiene can irritate and cause this (eliminate it!), as well as one of the major (as there are 100’s) side effects of long term ingestion of aspartame is inc freq of urination. I am sure there are others. They key is to figure out why you are having this issue. Yes I know the MD said this and that, but they say a lot that is not true all the time. They base health off numbers and you numbers are not even that high.

AS well, BPH can be hypertrophy = enlarged cells in prostate  OR  hyperplasia = enlarged by an inc in the number of cells in the gland. In the prostate is an enzyme called 5-alpha-reductase that converts testosterone into DHT. Higher DHT levels in the hair follicles is a primary cause of baldness. DHT stimulates proliferation of prostate cells more so than test does, enlarging the prostate gland and narrowing the urethral channel, leading to urination problems. AS well, inc DHT has lead to cancer in long term….your supp helps to lower this but diet is WAAAAYYYY more important.

Saw palmento, DIM, nettle root, zinc, etc all inhibit the enzyme above (5-alpha reductase). They key is diet!

As men age, our env,ironment plastic, tap water, etc (research this), estrogen levels rise (salivary levels, not blood) and test and progesterone levels drop. What happens is weight gain, BPH, balding, dec libido, inc weight gain, etc, secondary to fat cells converting testosterone and androstenedione into estrogens, which stimulates prostate growth. Thus the more fat you carry, the more estrogen you produce, the more you convert incorrectly. Hope this helps to educate you that it is more than just peeing….something is off inside, could be from past diet, etc, but your current diet, attitude and the supp you are taking will help. Patience and time!

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