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Programming a Crystal ...

Posted Jan 14 2009 7:39pm

Programming a Crystal

To direct a crystal's energy towards a specific, clearly defined goal you need to program it. This wll always be most effective when your intention matches the natural quality of the crystal. Programming a blue crystal to radiate red energy is possible, for example, but will go against the flow of energy hat crystal possesses Always get to know ll before you consider modifying its function with programming. Remember that a crystal which has always been used for healing will always be better suited to healing rather than being used as a meditation stone. Also, a meditation crystal will come to enhance and amplify the energies of the meditator each time it is used, and so will be less useful as a healing stone.

There are two ways to program a crystal:
  1. Exposure to a type of energy, such as a light source. Exposing a clear quartz crystal to a range of colored lights is an effective way of programming or modifying its energy. A clear quartz that is exposed for a prolonged amount of time to red light, for example, will after a while begin to resonate to that red frequency.

  2. Redirect the stone's energy through strong intention and affirmation. Hold he stone in your hands, or to your heart or brow, and roject your intention into the center of the crystal. Repeat this process several times until your intuitively feel that the crystal can now hold and broadcast the thought or inention. For successful programming, it is important that the intention you project a clear and precise as possible. Vague or muddled desires bring vague results.
Once it is programmed, place the crystal carefully in a space whee it can be seen, to remind you of your goals.

To remove the programming, repeat the process with the intention that the stone reverts to its normal state. Cleanse the crystal and thank it for its help.

Crystal Grids

I've also used crystal grids using an Antahkarana symbol and found them to be efficient in charging a group of crystals and programming them for healing or meditation. Particularly in charging a set of crystals for doing the crystal nets I mentioned in the previous posts.

If you have any questions or comments on using crystals for healing and meditation, feel free to post a reply.

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